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Shams Solar

Por themeseye

Versión: 0.7.5

Última actualización: 6 de enero de 2022

Instalaciones activas: 700+

Versión de PHP: 7.2 o superior

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Shams Solar is all about clean energy and this theme is used by various industries for the purpose of conservation. It is an eco-friendly theme and has high applicability in the renewable and biofuel electricity industries, heating panel, Selling Solar Products, Solar System Repairing & Maintenance, Solar Energy Auditing, solar heaters, solar street lights, alternative energy, battery, solar heaters, solar street lights, eco, water harvesting, saving electricity, wind energy, energy rating companies, ecology, wind energy, recycle, natural resource, pollution free, water heating, resource, Solar Farm Business, solar Consultancy, Solar Product Marketing, Solar Panel Cleaning. solar heater, green, power, environment, geothermal power, hydroelectricity, wave power. industrial, modern, non-profit, nuclear energy, energy board, free electricty, wind turbines. If you are planning for a venture in the area of recycling or are already an established player in this area, this is the right website theme that you have selected and comes with some features that have a class as a result being beneficial for the energy related companies and can translate into Arabic, Chinese, French, German and Spanish languages. Shams solar WordPress theme is not only responsive but also has the personalization options, Theme Options, RTL Language Support, customizable colors and fonts and custom background with it. It is also accompanied with a CTA [call to action button] and has numerous styling options making it quite special for the solar panel manufacturer or a firm related to the solar energy generation. Demo:https://themeseye.com/demo/shams-solar-pro/


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