WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher


WPeMatico is a very easy to use autoblogging plugin. Organized into campaigns, it publishes your posts automatically from the RSS/Atom and XML feeds of your choice.

This plugin offers you a nice interface following the WordPress standards that allows you to manage in every campaign all the feeds you import. In order to make your site more user-friendly, you can fetch contents from multiple feeds and arrange them according to categories.

For XML and RSS fetching, it uses the Simplepie library included in WordPress or forces to use the external library included in the plugin. As for image and files processing, it uses the core functions of WordPress.

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You can submit any bug in the bugtracker.



  • Campaigns Feeds and options are organized into campaigns.
  • Comfortable interface like Worpress posts editing for every campaign.
  • Multiple feeds / categories / tags.
  • Auto add categories from source posts.
  • Integrated or not with the Simplepie library that comes with WordPress. This includes RSS 0.91 and RSS 1.0 formats, the popular RSS 2.0 format, Atom
  • From 2.2v also supports for XML feeds or files by uploading them into WordPress Media lib.
  • Feed auto discovery allows you to add feeds without even knowing the exact URL. (Thanks Simplepie!)
  • Unix cron and WordPress cron jobs.
  • For maximum performance, you can make the RSS fetching process be called by an external cron job, or simply let WordPress handle it.
  • Options to set max items per fetch, comments on or off, sets authors and a lot of more options.
  • It allows to publish to any public WordPress Custom post type, status and post formats.
  • Images caching are integrated with WordPress Media Library.
  • The first (or 2nd or 3rd, you choose) image attached to a post can be marked as the Featured Image.
  • It is possible to upload & attach only the featured image ignoring the others.
  • Compatible to work with Featured Image from URL plugin by Marcel Jacques Machado.
  • You can choose whether to upload images as post attachments or not. Also upload remote images or link to source. Fully configurable.
  • You can choose whether to upload audio and video files as post attachments or not. Also upload remote files or link to source. Fully configurable.
  • Words or phrases rewriting. Regular expressions supported.
  • Words Relinking. Define custom links for the words or phrases you specify.
  • Words to Category. Define custom words to search into content or title to assign every post to specified category.
  • Detailed Log sending to custom e-mail. On every executed cron or only on errors with a campaign.
  • Option to replace title links (Permalinks) to point to the source site.
  • Can copy the slug from original permalink for better SEO.
  • Post templating before save. Can include Galleries, link to the sources or any text you want.
  • Dashboard Widget with campaigns summary.
  • Option to choose what roles can see the dashboard widget.
  • Multilanguage ready.

Some external integrations included:

  • Allows featured images from URL with Featured Image from URL plugin.
  • Allows to work with external crons from same server or external cron services websites.
  • Allows to publish forums, topics and answers in BBPress forums.
  • Allows to publish from XML custom feeds setting up their configurations.
  • Publishing from YouTube playlists, channels and profile feeds.
  • Allows to publish in multiple languages with Polylang plugin. Requires Polylang and WPeMatico Polylang plugins installed.

With lots of amazing and professional features to work with images and content parsers and filters.

Professional Add-on: Extends WPeMatico with a lot of advanced and new features to parse and filter feed items contents, filters for featured, media, enclosure and in-content images, automatic tags generation, inserts custom fields with every post and much more.

Synchronizer: Allows you to keep updated the posts obtained, the synchronization process analyzes the content of the feed items and compares them with the post, if different it will be updated, including media files, authors, categories and tags.

FULL Content: Takes the item permalink and scratches its web page to find the full content. Set the featured image from meta tags of source web page, Open Graph or Twitter images. Also allows set up a configuration file for every domain pointing to what section of the web page must be obtained.

Manual Fetching: Allows you to review and insert each item in the Campaign Preview feature, one by one or in bulk mode with just a click. You’ll see the items already parsed like will be published as posts with their images, audio and even videos.

Polyglot: Lets you translate the posts obtained from remote feeds before inserting them in your WordPress blog. Just select the original language of articles in a WPeMatico campaign so you can translate to one of the 107 supported languages.

Make me Feed "Good": Create your custom feeds RSS 2.0 with content from external sites in your WordPress blog, regardless of whether or not those have their own feed.

Facebook Fetcher: Obtain the content from Facebook pages or groups, just adding one WPeMatico campaign per facebook page/group. Also imports images in big size, and Facebook comments with commenters names to every imported post and many more.

Better Excerpts: Makes excerpts with first post content sentence and other filters in front-end and also in feed contents. Can be used to save the excerpts just for new posts of WPeMatico campaigns or to parse the excerpts of all posts of your site when shows them in your front-end page.

Publish 2 Email: Very useful addon that allows publishing remotely by WordPress Post via email, Jetpack Post by Email feature or plugins like Postie. Sends the fetched posts to an email account. Each campaign allows send the posts to different email accounts.

WPeMatico Polylang: send the automated publishing posts of each WPeMatico campaign to a different Polylang language to allow translate them later. This translation could be done by Lingotek addon of Polylang or any other translation service manual or automated. Free.

FREE & Premium Technical Support

FREE Technical Support:

  • Ask for any problem you may have and you’ll get support for free.
  • If it is necessay we will see into your website to solve your issue.

Premium Support:

  • Get access to in-depth setup assistance.
  • Whatever the issue is, we will dig in and do our absolute best to resolve issues for you.
  • We will even log directly into your site to find the problems.
  • You can rest assured knowing that we are going to find an answer, no matter how long it takes.

Flash Cache: If you need a very good and WPeMatico compatible Cache plugin take a look at this FREE plugin.


You can see all the requirements details in the System Status tab inside WPeMatico Settings screen.

Do you like WPeMatico?

Don’t hesitate to give your feedback. It will help making the plugin better. Other contributions (such as new translations or helping other users on the support forum) are welcome !

Privacy terms

For the first beta versions of this plugin I was inspired for the old WP-o-Matic and also old versions of BackWPUp to make the posttype list. I’m talking about 2009 or 2010. Thanks to the developers 😉

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This plugin works also with addons or extensions that many can be purchased on our website.
The plugin uses the Easy Digital Download Extension License Manager to check for updates and validity of licenses if they are in use.
On load the Extensions page, it reads a feed only once every 5 days from our website to keep the addons list updated. (Can be deactivated from WPeMatico Settings screen)
On load the Settings page of the plugin, once per day max, reads the 5 stars user reviews from WordPress to show them in sidebar. (Can be deactivated from WordPress Settings Writing screen)
On submit the Subscription form in Welcome page, it make a request to wpematico.com website to suscribe the form data in our newsletters list.

Plugin page: wpematico.com
Add-ons page: etruel.com.
Author page in spanish: NetMdP.


  • Dashboard Widget and menu.

  • The table list of campaigns plus some info of each one of them.

  • Quick edit campaigns inline.

  • Get help in Wordpress tabs.

  • The Settings Page.

  • Editing a complete campaign.

  • SimplePie Requirements Tests.


You can either install it automatically from the WordPress admin, or do it manually:

Using the Plugin Manager

  1. Click Plugins
  2. Click Add New
  3. Search for wpematico
  4. Click Install
  5. Click Install Now
  6. Click Activate Plugin
  7. Now you must see WPeMatico Item on WordPress menu


  1. Upload wpematico folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress


First Install & testing requirements Video

Filling the Settings Video

Creating a Campaign Video

I have this plugin installed and activated. What must I do now ?

  • OK, in WordPress admin you should see now a new area below the posts called WPeMatico. At settings, setup the plugin configuration. At Campaigns you must add one. There, add one or several feeds of your choice. You can use a campaign for grouping the feeds for a category or another custom topic that you want.

Upgrading FREE or PRO versions

  • You can make an automatic upgrade from WordPress plugins page or replace files through FTP.

Is there any way to import embedded videos from feed content and add that code into my posts?

  • To allow video embeds in post content, you must add the tags 'iframe' and 'embed' in Simplepie library into WPeMatico Settings. See below:

  • Change SimplePie HTML tags to strip



Where can I get PROfessional version or other Add-Ons?

Where can I ask/see more questions?


We want to thank the WordPress.org plugins moderators as they helped us by marking the points to reinforce in the plugin to achieve even greater compatibility with WordPress in all the functions of our plugin.

You can contribute with WPeMatico:

Don’t hesitate to give your feedback. It will help making the plugin better.


Many thanks to the generous efforts of our translators:

Romanian & Slovak –> Branco WebHostingGeeks.com.

If you’d like to help out by translating this plugin, please sign up for an account and dig in.

We are receiving tutorials in text, pdf, videos and ideas for current and new features. All are welcome. Thank you!
You can send your files to e-mail wpematico [at] etruel.com


8 de julio de 2024
i use the WPeMatico Full Content and WPeMatico Professional extensions, it fetched over 250000 items over time. finetuning things when targets change is surprisingly easy, it natively integrates into wordpress, and can be managed extremly detailed to make sure you not running out of reccources. or fetch items during low traffic and other scenarios. absolutely recomended!
7 de julio de 2024
WPeMatico is the best RSS plugin around. And the plugin add-ons are well designed, empower WPeMatico to achieve a multitude of operations and tasks. Support is always well thought out and the ETruel team responds to all requests for help. I highly recomment this company and its software.
20 de junio de 2024 8 replies
У плагина были недостатки, он дублировал картинки. Автор не хотел это исправлять. Теперь картинки из постов вообще не парсит. ВИДИМО ЖАДНОСТЬ ВЗЯЛА ВЕРХ!
19 de junio de 2024
A little upset I couldn’t figure out the Featured Image part of the plugin. But overall, storing RSS feeds into my posts was all I needed! Works almost perfectly.
25 de mayo de 2024
It works. The hyperLinks are finally displayed as links in the posts.Thank you very much for your help. That was really fast and great support. I will give it the full number of points.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

"WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher" es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


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Registro de cambios

2.7.5 Jul 2, 2024

  • Improves all skipped posts due to different conditions in the fetching process.
  • Fixes the campaign preview feature to work well with Professional keyword feature.
  • Fixes array type variable treated as integer.
  • Removed MDM banner from campaigns list.
  • NOTE: Enlarges the version required for the Professional addon to 2.21

2.7.4 Jun 26, 2024

  • Fixes Extensions page by hidding it on WordPress Multisite.
  • Improves compatibilities con Professional AddOn to use feeds from sites with Cloudflare.
  • Removed deprecated texts of External Crons URls from Settings screen.

2.7.3 Jun 18, 2024

  • Improves RDF feeds compatibility.
  • Fixes an issue getting the source permalink.
  • Fixes an issue with $sMessage variable on campaign logs.
  • Fixes issues with "/" character on some fields when duplicate campaigns.
  • Added some warning texts for LiteSpeed servers on System Status Page.

2.7.2 Jun 12, 2024

  • Fixes call PHP ini_restore when the function is disabled in PHP.
  • Tweaks on the new Settings banner to show just the summary of the new release instead the entire content.
  • Fixes a wrong variable name.
  • Improves styles and fixes responsive on System Status page.
  • Makes the texts translatable on the screen and the help on the tools page.
  • Improves language files.

2.7.1 Jun 7, 2024

  • Bump to WP 6.6
  • Tweaks on responsive style on System Status page.
  • Fixes Help tab on Tools page showing bad contents.
  • Fixes bad links to System Status in the new Tools page on notices or errors
  • Fixes title banner for old version and MDM Giveaway.

2.7 Jun 3, 2024

Major Version 2.7 focuses on code improvements and documentations follow the standards of WordPress coding developments.
Recommended update it on testing environments before update on production websites.


  • New WPeMatico Canonicals feature on Settings Page. Activated by default
  • New improved batch method to optimize performance on fetching processes.
  • New improved method to check and show broken campaigns on the campaigns List.
  • New Page Tools to group features useful for WPeMatico.
  • New feature to avoid or include Shorts on YouTube Campaign types.
  • New feature to export / import all the WPeMatico Settings.
  • New popup to see the last log after run the campaign.
  • New improvements in duplicate posts control by refining the hash codes.
  • A new improved Changelog on About page.
  • A new dismissable banner to show the last changelog on Settings page.
  • Some minor cosmetic improvements.
  • Updated javascript vSort library to 1.2.2
  • Changed all ini_set to custom function to allow log all the values.
  • Added SimplePie version to System Status Page.
  • Many code improvements and commented functions.


  • Fixes on getting bad source permalink on some cases by empty feed tags.
  • Fixes some malformed values saved on Copy Campaign Quick Action.
  • Fixes some issues and warnings on Campaigns List page.
  • Fixes some warnings and minor bugs on Preview campaign.
  • Fixes set_time_limit() ERROR on websites with function disabled.
  • Fixes many deprecated messages on jQuery functions calls.

Recent (may break) changes:

  • Removed the custom Simplepie library of the Settings and the plugin (finally).
  • New improved method to manage hashes of campaigns and permalinks on duplicated posts control.
  • New 'wpematico_custom_simplepie' filter to correct an old incorrect behavior on 'Wpematico_process_fetching'.
  • The titles feature was improved to use a new added filter.
  • On plugin update will be queued a process to upgrade each campaign to the newly way on hash creation to control post duplicates.
  • NOTE: Enlarges the version required for the Professional addon to 2.20

See all detailed changelog at wpematico Releases

2.6.25 May 30, 2024

  • Added MDM notifications

Last version on 2.6.x series!!

We will soon reach one million downloads and we will celebrate it with the 2.7 major version.
And not only that, but we are also prepared a big celebration for a whole month!
In which we will release the new versions with many new free features,
but we will also make many free gifts for all our community of WordPress users, customers and friends.
The month of June is coming strong! Don’t miss it! Follow everything on this link!
* Millon Downloads Month

2.6.24 Mar 25, 2024

  • Improves compatibilities with WordPress 6.5
  • Fixes some PHP warnings on campaigns list.

2.6.23 Feb 23, 2024

  • Bump to WP 6.5
  • Fixes the fetch and download of audio/video files from the content of feed items to the WordPress Media.

2.6.22 Jan 15, 2024

  • Improved compatibilities.
  • Fixes an issue on remove first image on content with Fifu option activated.
  • Stay tuned. We are preparing everything for the major update 2.7.
  • More details at wpematico Releases

2.6.21 Oct 17, 2023

  • Improves compatibilities for titles with Professional and Facebook Fetcher addons.
  • Added new filter on get the title of each post to allow parsers on it.
  • Fixes few issues on Addons page and actions.
  • Fixes deprecated notices on Welcome and About pages.
  • Fixes all old links from PRO to Essentials Extensions.

Earlier versions

For the changelog of earlier versions, please refer to changelog.md file or the changelog on wpematico.com.

0.1 Nov 17, 2010

  • initial release in WordPress Repository