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WoowGallery – image gallery / content gallery / ecommerce gallery / social gallery / video gallery / album photo gallery

Este plugin no se ha probado con las últimas 3 versiones mayores de WordPress. Puede que ya no tenga soporte ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress.

WoowGallery – image gallery / content gallery / ecommerce gallery / social gallery / video gallery / album photo gallery


Gallery Plugin

It’s not necessary to hire a developer to create a WordPress gallery. All you need is WoowGallery, a drag & drop photo gallery plugin that’s EASY, FAST and POWERFUL.

WoowGallery is highly optimized for web and server performance because we understand the importance of speed when it comes to image and gallery load times, as well as SEO and conversion.
With WoowGallery you can show the blog posts on your website and displays them in a masonry layout with tags filter. You can customize the way your posts look and manage settings like the featured image, the content you want to display, etc.
WooCommerce Products in a masonry layout looks fantastic. You can show any post type in a gallery with a link to their pages.

Free WoowGallery includes everything you need and expect from the gallery:
albums, tags, social media integration, gallery templates / gallery layouts, lazy load, content galleries with your posts, dynamic galleries, and tons more.

And with WoowGallery gallery widget you can put your best gallery anywhere on the page. Easily add gallery to your page via Elementor Editor, Classic Editor, Gutenberg or any other editor which support widgets or shortcodes.

Drag & Drop Gallery Builder

WoowGallery adapt to your workflow and allow you to create in minutes. By using our easy to use drag and drop builder, you can upload your photos, rearrange them, and create an image gallery with just a few clicks.

You can also create/edit galleries right from the WordPress Gutenberg block editor.
If you’ve struggled with WordPress gallery plugins that take video tutorials to learn, you’re going to love WoowGallery.

With WoowGallery Premium you can
create WooCommerce galleries, create Standalone galleries, add Standalone galleries inside Dynamic gallery, create presets for gallery skins, etc.

Mobile Ready, SEO Friendly and Optimized for Speed

WoowGallery is 100% responsive and mobile-friendly by default. We optimized every query on the front-end and the back-end to ensure maximum speed.

Sharing and Selling Photos Made EASY

Social media integrations, and WooCommerce store integration.

Built in WoowGallery Feature List

  • Guttenberg Blocks for WordPress 5.0
  • Drag & Drop Photo Gallery Builder
  • 100% Responsive – Mobile Friendly
  • Beautiful Gallery Skins for Customization
  • Albums Gallery – Easily organize your photo galleries, choose cover photos, and more.
  • Featured Content Gallery – Easily create galleries based on posts, pages, products, testimonials, portfolios, and other custom post types.
  • Dynamic Gallery – Easily create dynamic content galleries from various different sources (WordPress, Flagallery…). Show specific media category or folder in the gallery from other plugins like: "Media Library Assistant", "FileBird", "Real Media Library", etc..
  • Video Gallery – Not just for photos! You can add local videos in your video gallery and link your photos with video from YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Slideshow – Add beautiful slideshow with autoplay, manual controls, and more.
  • WooCommerce Product Gallery – Replace default WooCommerce Product gallery template with WoowGallery skin.
  • Image Tags – Organize your WordPress photos with tags for easy search and display that also filtrable.
  • Social Sharing – Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Image Protection – Protect your images from theft by disabling right mouse click on images.
  • Lazy Load – Load of your large galleries with lazy loading to improve page speed and user experience.
  • Deeplinking – Make your gallery and images SEO friendly and easily link to individual images with deeplinking.
  • FullScreen Display – Take advantage of the native fullscreen and Lightbox display.
  • Photo Zoom – Zoom images in your gallery for up close browsing.
  • EXIF Meta Data – Display your EXIF data including camera model, aperture, shutter speed, and more.
  • Downloads – Ability to download your images and galleries with an easy to use download button.

Premium WoowGallery Feature List

  • WooCommerce Integration – Instantly display and sell your photos with the most popular eCommerce software on the web.
  • Standalone Gallery – Create independent galleries that are not tied to your posts or pages.
  • Password Protection – Prevent unauthorized access to your WordPress standalone galleries.
  • Skin Presets – Speed up the creation process by saving your default settings and presets.
  • Custom CSS Styles – Customize your portfolio by adding custom CSS and styles.
  • Want us to add something else? Suggest a feature and we’ll get it added!

When it comes to WordPress gallery plugins, nevermind free or premium, WoowGallery has no equal.


Amron skin:

MultiGrid skin:


Proud to be ukrainian. Live in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. #NoWar #fckptn


  • Gallery Edit – Grid Media View.
  • Gallery Edit – List Media View.
  • Gallery Item – Edit Data.
  • Gallery Skin – Edit Settings.
  • Gallery Settings – Custom CSS and Gallery Description.
  • WooComerce Integration – Select custom post types for Featured Content Gallery.
  • Dynamic WordPress Gallery – Build Screen.
  • General Settings – Media Settings and Skins Presets.
  • General Settings – Standalone Settings.
  • Galleries List.


Este plugin proporciona 1 bloque.

  • WoowGallery – image gallery / content gallery / ecommerce gallery / social gallery / video gallery / album photo gallery


  1. Install WoowGallery either via the WordPress.org plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server. (See instructions on how to install a WordPress plugin)
  2. Activate WoowGallery.
  3. Navigate to the WoowGallery tab at the admin menu and click the "Add New" button to begin creating, or you can create directly inside the post/page/custom post type of your choice.


Who should use WoowGallery?

WoowGallery is perfect for photographers, designers, bloggers, and small businesses.

Do I need to have coding skills to use WoowGallery?

Absolutely not. You can create and customize beautiful image and video galleries without any coding knowledge. We made it super easy.

What kind of galleries can I create with WoowGallery?

Here are the types of galleries you can create:

Photo Gallery
Video Gallery
Audio Gallery
Image Gallery with Albums
e-Commerce Gallery
Digital Downloads Gallery
Featured Posts Gallery
Content Gallery
Mixed Photo Gallery
Custom Posts Gallery with filter
Image Gallery with Tags
WooCommerce Product Gallery
Portfolio Gallery
Albums Gallery
Protected Gallery
Private Gallery
Standalone Gallery
Gutenberg Gallery
Flagallery Gallery

Is WoowGallery translation ready?

Yes, WoowGallery has full translation and localization support via the woowgallery textdomain.


9 de diciembre de 2022
The pro version is needed for woocommerce store images. The recent updates of woocommerce defaulted to this plug in for store images and since I was using the free version they were no longer showing. Luckily, deactivating the plug in brought back my regular preview images. I have no idea how long the error messages were showing to potential customers, but was glad when I finally figured out all I had to do was deactivate this plug in to get my store back.
26 de octubre de 2021 2 replies
When I installed this plugin my localhost website showed me the critical error "This website has encountered a critical error" and I lost control of my site. I couldn’t login, I couldn’t disable the plugin, I couldn’t restore the backup. Totally lost everthing… I had WordPress 5.8.1 and Elementor 3.4.6 Luckily for me, I found a way to disable this plugin in a wordpress folder on my local disk and deleted this plugin. Everything is working fine now. Take care of yourself and what you install for your site! Peace <3
20 de octubre de 2020 1 reply
The best gallery plugin for pictures I have ever tried. Great to build an oustanding gallery. Easy to use even for a non-programmer.
21 de junio de 2020
I looked at a lot of plugins with similar functionality but this one had the most flexibility. AND the support is great. They respond quickly and have been very helpful – even adding some custom code for me. Very happy with this plugin.
18 de junio de 2020
Я хочу поблагодарить всех, кто принимал участие в разработке этого плагина. Он вышел очень классным и, я надеюсь, у этой галереи будет много поклонников. Также, спасибо всем, кто будет оставлять положительные отзывы, которые вдохновляют разработчиков совершенствовать свой продукт и дальше. I want to thank everyone who participated in the development of this plugin. It came out to be very cool and, I hope, this gallery will have many fans. Also, thanks to everyone who will leave positive feedback that inspire developers to improve their product further.
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More Galery Skins

1.2.0 – 05.07

  • Fixed: PHP 8 compatibility
  • Freemius SDK update

1.1.9 – 17.03

  • Fixed: PHP 8 compatibility
  • Removed: Instagram gallery (temporary)

1.1.8 – 28.09

  • Fixed: Instagram gallery

1.1.7 – 29.01

  • Fixed: RTL for skins
  • Fixed: Gutenberg block (interaction with skin)
  • Fixed: Instagram fetch timeout
  • Improved: Woow Lightbox
  • New Skin: Parallax

1.1.6 – 25.01

  • Fixed: Woocommerce variable product JS fix
  • Improved: CSS color preview for transparancy

1.1.5 – 22.10

  • Fixed: Edit gallery items
  • Fixed: Edit newly added gallery items
  • Fixed: Update tags list after exit edit window

1.1.4 – 21.10

  • Added Image EXIF keywords automatically saved as Media Tags for uploaded picture
  • Fixed: Existing tags not showed on edit image if an image was just added to the gallery

1.1.3 – 20.10

  • Fixed bug when other administrator can’t edit gallery

1.1.2 – 30.09

  • Added WooCommerce Product gallery settings

1.1.1 – 08.09

  • Added affiliate program

1.1.0 – 01.09

  • Added MultiGrid Premium Skin
  • Fixed deep links for galleries
  • Fixed PHP Notice for register_rest_route()

1.0.9 – 14.08

  • Fixed add media without title to the gallery
  • Compatibility with WordPress v5.5

1.0.8 – 07.08

  • Fixed add media to the gallery
  • Fixed saving global default lightbox settings

1.0.7 – 04.08

  • Global default settings for Lightbox

1.0.6 – 09.07

  • Lightbox now is a separate script from Amron skin (less js file size)
  • Added separate Lightbox Setting tab on edit gallery page
  • Prepare code for other lightbox scripts in the future

1.0.5 – 26.06

  • New version of Amron skin
  • Added option to hide Read More button
  • Make thumbnail with a link clickable
  • CSS improvemnets

1.0.4 – 24.06

  • Fixed instagram video preview in the admin
  • Fixed compatibility with lazy load plugins

1.0.3 – 10.06

  • Added option for select Flagallery plugin galleries in WoowGallery Dynamic Gallery
  • Improved loading speed for Amron skin galleries
  • Improved preview for dynamic standalone galleries

1.0.2 – 05.06

  • Fixed update error
  • Added gallery widget
  • Adapted widget for Elementor editor
  • Fixed words misspelling
  • Fixed preview of private standalone galleries
  • Changed textdomain to plugin slug
  • Minimized admin vuejs script


  • Initial release.


Photo Gallery – simple image gallery.
Video Gallery – YouTube video gallery, Vimeo video gallery.
Audio Gallery – mp3 album gallery with artwork.
Image Gallery with Albums – photo albums with multi galleries.
e-Commerce Gallery – sell images, product gallery.
Digital Downloads Gallery – sell photos, sell products in gallery.
Featured Posts Gallery – WordPress Post gallery.
Content Gallery – custom post type gallery.
Mixed Photo Gallery – mixed content gallery.
Custom Posts Gallery with filter – tag filter posts gallery.
Image Gallery with Tags – tag filter gallery.
WooCommerce Product Gallery – gallery with prices.
Albums Gallery – tag filter album, multiple filtered galleries.
Protected Gallery – gallery password.
Private Gallery – gallery for logged in users.
Standalone Gallery – gallery template, gallery link.
Gallery Widget – sidebar gallery.
Gutenberg Gallery – gallery block for gutenberg.
Elementor Gallery – elementor widget with gallery
Flagallery Gallery – show images from other plugins.