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Virusdie – One-click website security



Welcome to the most anticipated website security plugin – Virusdie WordPress Plugin!

Managing website security like malware scanning and removal, website hardening, patch management, real-time website protection against online attacks, and blacklist monitoring – is an automatic pleasure and we can prove it!

  • More than 3 million connected websites!
  • 99.87% malware and vulnerabilities detection rate. The best detection rate in the industry. Virusdie detects as many threats as possible, including new kinds of threats
  • No false positives. False positives rate — less than 0.0002%. You can always be sure that your antivirus won’t mislead you)
  • Website cleanup in one click. The industry’s safest automatic cleanup procedures ensure that your site will remain stable after cleanup (automatic malware removal)
  • Real-time website protection against attacks by Website Firewall (protection against bad bots, DoS, XSS, SQL injections, suspicious uploads and activities, etc.)
  • Virtual and real patch management (website hardening). It makes a virtual patch automatically or updates your vulnerable plug-ins and other site components in seconds, minimizing the risk of future problems.
  • Blacklist monitoring and blacklisting tool that help you save time for unblacklisting by an automated un-blacklist wizard.
  • Smooth onboarding: only dashboard with all you need. Manage Virusdie tools in a click! Your website is in full view: entire web-security status on one page.
  • Friendly and responsive Virusdie support team. We are welcome to help you and answer your questions.

To avoid interruptions to your business, you need to keep your site free of viruses. As they say, shit happens — but when it does, you have to clean it up, and fast. Today, Virusdie makes it possible to resolve 100% of the security issues most businesses face, either fully or partially automatically. We’ve taken powerful website security tools and made them friendly and automatic in WordPress plugin format. Now, you can scan, clean, and protect your site from a single panel with just one click of the mouse. What’s more, you won’t need any help to use Virusdie. This means that you’ll save tons of time while keeping your site’s security under your control!

Free plan feature list:

1. Antivirus:

  1. No extreme server CPU load while scanning!
  2. Instant malware database update. The antivirus database is automatically updated in the background, so you won’t even have to think about doing anything manually to be sure you can eliminate as many viruses and vulnerabilities as possible.
  3. Scans once a month:
    • Scanning website files for malware: all website files (not just CMS’ files), themes, plugins, PHP, JS, HTML, images, files with no type, any binary files and system files, .htaccess, and files with custom types and archives.
    • Scanning website database. Scan posts and comments for bad URLs and suspicious content, scan posts and comments for malware and injections.
    • Scanning for malware types (threats): malware, malicious redirects, Trojans, backdoors, shell scripts, malicious codes, bad URLs and SEO spam, defaces, code injections, browser coin miners.
  4. Detailed scan reports with malware and threats description and recommendations.
  5. Add files to the exclusion list to ignore them in future scans.

Find out more about Virusdie Antivirus

2. WAF:

  1. Don’t slow down your website while you’re using WAF!
  2. Instant Firewall rules database update.
  3. Bad requests, hacks attempts and attacks detection.

Find out more about Virusdie Firewall

3. Patch Management (website hardening)

  1. Instant vulnerabilities database update.
  2. Check site (files, themes, plugins and components) for known security vulnerabilities and alerts you if found.
  3. Scan once a month.

Find out more about Virusdie Patch Manager

4. Blacklists Monitoring

  1. Checking your website more than 60+ blacklists automatically.
  2. One-click to un-blacklist.

Find out more about Virusdie Blacklist Monitoring

Premium plan feature list:

(In addition to the free plan’ feature list)

1. Antivirus:

  1. Daily scans and Unlimited scans.
  2. Automatic malware removal: The safest in the industry automatic malware removal – Your website continues to run stably after the automated cleanup.
  3. Unlimited site cleanups.
  4. File editor.
  5. Malicious code highlighting in the file editor.
  6. Pre-cleanup file backups.
  7. Exclusion list to add files and ignore them in future scans.

Find out more about Virusdie Antivirus

1. Firewall:

  1. Basic bad request protection.
  2. XSS and SQL injection protection.
  3. DoS-attacks protection.
  4. Brute force protection by limiting login attempts.
  5. Content scraping protection.
  6. Malicious uploads prevention.
  7. IP whitelisting/blacklisting.
  8. URL blocking.
  9. Country blocking.
  10. History of blocked requests.
  11. Make custom rules to block requests based by: IP Range, Hostname, User Agent and Referrer.
  12. Make custom rules generic type for POST/GET requests.

Find out more about Virusdie Firewall

Patch Management:

  1. Daily and Unlimited scans.
  2. Automatic virtual vulnerability patching (website hardening).
  3. Automatic real patch management.

Find out more about Virusdie Patch Manager

Coming soon:

  • Teamwork: you will be able to share access to your site with your team. Simple and secure!
  • Website sharing. You’ll be able to share your website access with your digital agency who manage your website security – with one click!
  • Website insurance and security expert marketplace: for being confident that in the event of a complex website infection or damage to your site, getting help from third-party security experts to restore your site won’t cost you any more than the minimum cost in your insurance policy.
  • Firewall statistics and attack attempts reports will be available on the free tier plan! Keep your finger on the website pulse even for free!

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  • Welcome page
  • First Scan page
  • Free dashboard page
  • Premium dashboard page


Upload the Virusdie plugin to your site and activate it.


How to create a new VDWS_Virusdie account via the Virusdie WordPress plugin?

Just click on the link “Create Account” at the bottom of the plugin authorization page.

Can I use my current account for the Virusdie WordPress plugin?

Of course. But be sure that the tariff plan of your account lets you connect one more site. If you need to upgrade your plan, please, go to the billing section in the Virusdie complete dashboard. If there’s any problem with signing in, contact our support team.

Is there a free version of the Virusdie WordPress plugin?

Yes, of course. There are two versions of the plugin – Free and Premium.
In the Premium version, you have full access to all Vithrusdie tools such as daily and unlimited scans, auto-cleanup, patch management, WAF, black- and whitelisting, blacklists’ monitoring, file editor and malicious code highlighting, pre-cleanup backups, reports.
In the Free version, you can scan your site files for malware, malicious redirects and code, trojans, backdoors, shell scripts and so on once a month; you can also get detailed scan reports with malware and threats description and recommendations.

What if I see a “Sync problem” status near my website domain?

First of all, go to the Virusdie complete dashboard. And then follow the instruction. If you can’t handle the issue yourself, you can request our support team to help you.

How can I go to Virusdie complete dashboard?

There are two ways to access the Virusdie complete dashboard.
The first one is clicking on your avatar, which is in the upper right corner of the plugin area, and then clicking a menu item “Dashboard”.
Or you can click on the link “Jump to complete dashboard >” in the Website health monitor dashboard in the plugin area.

How can I upgrade my Free plan to a Premium one?

Just click “Upgrade Plan” or “Buy premium” in the Virusdie WordPress plugin. Or go to the Virusdie complete dashboard, to the billing section. Then choose a tariff plan you need and follow the instructions of the payment system.

How can I get in touch with the Virusdie support team?

You can click the “Send request to support >” link in the plugin area. Or you can send an email to our support team via

How often does Virusdie scan my website?

On the Free plan: Your website is scanned once a month.
On the Premium plan: You have unlimited scans for your website. Just switch on “Daily scans” on the plugin area. Also, you can adjust scheduled scanning (in the Virusdie complete dashboard): daily, weekly, monthly. Or you can run scanning manually.

Why does the first scan go longer than the following ones?

Because we use the Virusdie Fast Scan engine. When you add a website to your account for the first time, Virusdie scans your website entirely with a full scan tool and makes a website snapshot. Then, it runs the fast scan engine for future scans.
Here you can learn more about the Virusdie Fast Scan engine.

What should I do if threats were detected during the scan?

Calm down! Because there is an automatic malware removal tool in Virusdie, the safest one in the industry. To remove a threat (or threats), you should jump to Virusdie complete dashboard and click the green button “Clean Up’ opposite an infected site. Next, turn on the Automatic website cleanup feature in the Virusdie WordPress plugin or the Virusdie complete dashboard to remove all threats during scanning automatically next time. You can learn more about how the Virusdie antivirus works here.

And, yes, we have Pre-cleanup file backups. Click here to find out more about backups.

Please, notice the auto-cleanup is available only on Premium.

Is the Virusdie WordPress plugin able to find and patch vulnerabilities in my website?

Yes, sure! To maximize the protection of your website, you can turn on Website Antivirus for real patching and turn on both Website Firewall and Patch Manager for website hardening.

You can read more about patch manager here and about website hardening here.

Where can I see the Virusdie Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

You can find both documents on our official website via links: Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


19 de diciembre de 2022
I have used VirusDie (VD) for 3 months now. Installed on our own pages as well as most of our customers websites as well. The install is super easy. Either install the plugin. Add admin-email address, receive code to that e-mail address. Copy, and paste in customers plugin-settings. Done. orInstall small php-file in root of customers hosting via for example ftp, or the hosting companies file manager. Then, if you like, you have your own admin dashboard to make adjustments to each site. You can set interval for scanning, change the power of the firewall, enable automatic patching of security glitches, and so on. Super great tool to have. So great to add to customers site, since we are experts in making great web sites, not expert in making sure EVERY security details is sorted out. As well as we now can say we take care of our customers web sites as part of a good support contract. Please note, VD is super friendly when it comes to support. And they are top notch to improve VD with better features and faster services month after month. I am not paid by them (I pay them). I am not part of the company or the team. I do not know any of them. Please not I will not use "super" for the next 3 months, starting now.
29 de noviembre de 2021 2 replies
The dashboard has lots of great information but also shows pricing information and controls that non-administrators shouldn’t see. The worst part though is that clicking the manage subscription link on the dashboard will take my clients into my agency virusdie dashboard where they have access to my entire account!
10 de noviembre de 2021
I’ve been a long term user of Virusdie and it works well with Patchstack and MalCare Pro, keeping our sites safe. VD finds malicious files that MalCare Pro sometimes misses out, and vice versa.
10 de noviembre de 2021
I´m a long-term user of VD, the new plugin makes the integration a lot easier than before. Nice options!
9 de noviembre de 2021
Virusdie is our tool of choice for ensuring that our WordPress sites are kept clean from vulnerabilities. Our agency commonly inherits client sites that were built with outdated themes and plugins. Rebuilding is not always an option with the client, so Virusdie’s multiple protective features helps provide peace of mind. I HIGHLY recommend Virusdie over other security solutions due to the comprehensive solution they provide.
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= v 1.1.3

Release Date – 20 Mar 2024

  • Updated Virusdie API interaction.

= v 1.1.2

Release Date – 26 October 2023

  • Updated Virusdie API interaction.

= v 1.1.1

Release Date – 13 October 2023

  • Bugs are fixed.

= v 1.1.0

Release Date – 26 July 2023

  • Added the integration.
  • Added website database scan results.
  • Bugs are fixed.

= v 1.0.16

Release Date – 06 July 2023

  • Fixed broken links to the Virusdie account.
  • Fixed wrong paths to external files (scripts, css, pictures).
  • Restored compatibility with older versions of PHP (5.2 is supported now).
  • And other fixes.

= v 1.0.15

Release Date – 12 February 2022

  • We have added an autotest to check the WAF availability.
  • We have added fixes for some issues with WAF on PHP 8.x.

= v 1.0.14

Release Date – 02 February 2022

  • We have performed some code optimizations.

= v 1.0.13

Release Date – 20 January 2022

  • Added cURL support.
  • Added a page with the instructions when there’re no required PHP settings in the system.

= v 1.0.12

Release Date – 06 January 2022

  • The code has been optimized.

= v 1.0.11

Release Date – 05 January 2022

  • The code has been optimized.

= v 1.0.10

Release Date – 23 December 2021

  • The code has been optimized.

= v 1.0.9

Release Date – 07 December 2021

  • Fixed a bug with attacks blocked by the firewall when the indicator of the found vulnerability was displayed.

= v 1.0.7

Release Date – 06 December 2021

  • Fixed a bug when the site was not displayed in the dashboard and switches did not work

= v 1.0.5

Release Date – 02 December 2021

  • We changed the order of connection styles

= v 1.0.4

Release Date – 26 November 2021

  • We’ve added notification about the absence of a email subscription during the authorization.

= v 1.0.3

Release Date – 26 November 2021

  • Support WordPress Multisite
  • UX improved

= v 1.0.2

Release Date – 25 November 2021

  • We have fixed some issues in php 8.x

= v 1.0.1

Release Date – 10 November 2021

  • We fixed some discovered bugs:
    • A problem with a toggle switch was fixed

= v 1.0.0

Release Date – 28 October 2021
* Initial release with autorization at and free and premium control panels.