Simple Alert System


Simple Alert System is a FREE, responsive, and simplified WordPress website notification system designed to help you to easily add messages (alerts/notifications bars) on your websites to communicate with your users.

With Simple Alert System, you can create colorful alerts/notifications to help you communicate important events to your users in the most pronounced ways to make sure that they do not miss anything.

Current features

  • Four standard alert colors to choose from.

  • Color Themes: Color themes such as flat, material, dark, light, and social color themes to give you more color trend options.

  • Customization tool to enable you create alerts that suit your style.

  • Linkability Feature: Allows you to link the alert to a desired location.

  • Choose how you want the link to open: On another tab, on the tab, and more.

  • Scheduling: You can schedule announcement to run and end at certain dates.

  • Call to Action: You can add a button with a custom text to your alerts.

  • Display Scope: The Display Scope feature enables users to exempt or include pages to the list of where they want the notification bar to show on their websites.

  • Responsive: Simple Alert System adapts to the screen sizes of your users' devices.

  • Preview: A live preview feature to enable users to see a replica of the alert within the settings window.

Coming Soon

  • More great features are in the works

External Libraries

The external libraries will be updated as often as necessary

  • Google Material Icons
  • Google Web Fonts
  • jQuery U.I


Simple Alert System uses PHP cookies to facilitate users’ choices on the visibility of the alert. It does not collect personal or website information; When users close the alert, it initiates a cookie that reminds the browser that the alert shouldn’t show.


  • screenshot-1.PNG

  • screenshot-2.PNG


To Install from the backend, do the following:

  1. Click on plugins on the left pane

  2. Click on "Add New" at the top left

  3. Search for Simple Alert System in the search field.

  4. Click on install, then click on activate

  5. You are all set. You can now add alerts to your website with just a few clicks.


How do I remove the plugin?

  • On the general plugin window, click on uninstall to uninstall the plugin > An option to delete the plugin will appear > Click on it to delete the plugin

Can users close the alert?

Yes, users can close the alert by clicking on the close icon on the alert. The closure lasts for the duration of the browsing session.

Why is my alert banner not showing?

Check to see that wp_body_open() is added immediately after the opening body tag of your website.

What about Support?

I will always be available to support the plugin. More importantly, I am open to suggestions on how I can make the plugin better.


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Registro de cambios


This update was facilitated to fix the need for users to enable public alerts before seeing a live preview in the backend. The "Enable Preview button can now be used to toggle the live preview feature.


This update includes but is not limited to code enhancements, U.I enhancements, and the introduction of a live preview feature to enable users to see a replica of the alert within the settings window.


This update includes but is not limited to code enhancements, fix of the issue where the customization settings don’t reflect, and the introduction of Calls to Action button style choices.