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3 de enero de 2024 2 replies
In general, I cannot recommend this plugin at all. If you need a working plugin go for Amelia, really solid plugin offering everything you could possibly need. Back to Salon, sorry to say but for business websites use it is a trash. To be more specific I have purchased Pro version but still suffered: Poor support Salon seems to be a beta-plugin. The backend design, logic of the setting etc. is very week. For me, it took weeks before guy from support could help me to finally make the plugin work. The documentation is chaotic, doesn't include understandable instructions. Video tutorials are ridiculous - music on the background ? Seriously ? On top of that, I doubt there is more then 2 people in the background. It is more or less one man show. What you can possible expect from broken plugin with 0 support... Front end seems to be fine but... Front end in demos looks nice, it take some time to understand how categories are working. But it give your really low level of adjustability in real page integration it is very tough to properly fit it into your stilling. Resolution on 4K screen - disaster. Short code implementation - some nice block editing ??? Forget... Adjustability - there is basically nothing you can change. I really missed customization of the email notification. You have a template, with four tags. You can only change the variables. Why you don't allow user to insert a HTLM code - it is standard for all the plugins I know. It is a lie you can modify a php template. You cannot. Everything really hardcoded, without deep information of the plugin, you can do nothing. Customer approach - On the end I was really disappointed. I had to prepare a websites for the customer by the end of the year. I was messing around with this plugin since I have purchased it and was not able to work on it. On the very end, the support was able to fix it but it was too late for me - I didn't want to go into another trouble shooting and I needed to go for better plugin ( Amelie ) to deliver the site to the customer in time. I have asked for the refund. The request was rejected bcs of 30 day limit. But as I said, for me the plugin was not working a single day. What a joke. To sum up, please don't repeat my mistake and never go for this trash plugin. If it would be for free and would work on improvement by troubleshooting with customers, I would have nothing against. But want money for such kind of beta plugin is ridiculous. Go for Amelia or some other working plugins. JM
12 de junio de 2023 1 reply
i’m so impressed with this Plugin. I have tried so many salon booking plug ins and this one is one of the best. The instructions are very easy to use. I have all the functions that I need for my company. Services and bookings are very easy to use and create. The team super supportive, fast answering any of my questions. Even though this is only a free version but its excellent 😍 thank you so much. I would suggest to have the two way, synced for Google calendar (any busy time I can export from Calendar, not only appointments).
24 de enero de 2023 2 replies
I tested the plugin for ten days and bought it for a customer. The customer decided against it. I'm still waiting for the refund today. The answer was: we refunded the money thirty days money back is untrue!!
20 de diciembre de 2022 1 reply
<p>I really liked the plugin! It suited the needs of my client and his hair salon. There's a responsive booking screen you can add using a shortcode, email templates can be edited, and it's very customizable in general.<br />Best feature is the two-way Google calendar sync. That really impressed my client and made the whole solution very user/hairdresser friendly. Now if there's a booking via phone or fb then it's super easy for them to make a certain time period unavailable to other guests.<br />The Hungarian language file had a couple of bad translations, plus there are a few English strings in the email templates that you have to edit on the server in the files.<br />While the salon I made it for only has one employee/owner I can see how this solution can serve larger businesses.<br />Documentation is excellent.<br />Molte grazie!</p> <p> </p> <p>Update: Still loving it, performing really well. The hairdresser really took a liking to the google calendar workflow. Clients are using it too so it seems that it's making everyone's life easier.</p>
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