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SakolaWp is a WordPress School Management System that helps schools to manage their daily activity. This Plugin helps you to manage : Class, Teacher, Student, Parent, Subject, School Routine, Attendance, Exam, Homework, News, Event, Marks.

This school management system plugin has 4 roles : Admin, Teacher, Student and Parent with each of them have their own account interface.

What’s this WordPress School Management System plugin for :

  • Create & Manage Class
  • Create & Manage Subject
  • Create & Manage Teacher Profiles and Information
  • Create & Manage Student Profiles and Information
  • Create & Manage Parents Profiles and Information
  • Connect Parent with Student
  • School admission with registration system
  • Create and Manage Online Homework base on Class & Subject
  • Create and Manage Online Exam with result base on Class & Subject
  • Create Class Routine
  • Create Teacher Timetable
  • Create Student timetable
  • Create and Manage Internal News & Event
  • Create and manage question and save it in Bank Question

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  1. FRONT-END – Has a front-end look for each user
  2. MULTI ROLE USER – Control Features Access by Different User Roles Multiple User Roles (admin,teacher,student,parents)
  3. CLASSROOM – Create, manage classes for connecting teachers, students, sections, and subjects etc
  4. CLASS ROUTINE – Create, edit, delete daily classes routines easily, with timetable and subject with period start/end time
  5. ATTENDANCE – View and manage attendance report
  6. ONLINE EXAM – Manage, create and setup online exam for classes, while seeing the mark results
  7. NEWS – Create and manage news post.
  8. EVENT – Create and manage event post with time details.
  9. MARK – Add marks for each student and mark can be directly seen by parents and students themselves directly.
  10. QUESTION BANK – Questions Bank for teacher



  • UNLIMITED EXAMS – Create unlimited exams
  • Premium Support – provides an enhanced level of technical support
  • HOMEWORK – Homework’s Feature:
    • View all Homeworks and result for admin
    • Create and setup Homework of class for teacher
    • Homework information and result for student and parents user


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Is there a time period for using SakolaWP Lite?

No, you can use SakolaWP onwards.

Does it work with any theme?

Absolutely! SakolaWP lite will Works With Any Theme

What if I update to SakolaWP(PRO)?

Your existing content will work with SakolaWP(PRO). So you won’t lose your contents.

How do I translate the plugin?

We recommended Loco Translate for translate.for details on how to use it you can read our online documentation.

How to insert users via Import?

We recommended using an additional plugin called Import Users from CSV. for details on how to use it you can read our online documentation.


22 de septiembre de 2023
I installed and set up most features and applications with Sakola WP. Here are my reviewed and suggestions: Initially, Sakola WP is good software. I can be used for small group of school (single teacher per class/section, single class per student group but no multiple classes per student) There are several features and applications that are still not available or missing as follows: No sort feature Do not have feature to have multiple classes per student (one student is only belong 1 class or 1 section). Only 1 teacher per class or per section. Need to have multiple teachers or substitute teachers per class or per section Limited and cannot modify or add features in roles. Only 3 roles available (teacher, student, parents). Need to have ability to modify, add, delete roles for flexibility Marks: Need features as modify, add, delete for flexibility. Missing Grade system. Cannot have grading system Missing features for grading and evaluation to teacher, student, or exams such as grading letters, or grading by categories The database cannot automatically update when it is modified, added, or deleted. It must be refreshed or completely been out and then getting back. Briefly, I like the Sakola WP but I must find other software to have those missing features and applications. If Sakola WP can immediately update those missing features and applications, I may come back to use it ASAP.
4 de febrero de 2023
This is simple and amazing for what I need it for. Thank you for creating this! I applaud you as you are a creator (you discovered god in you as 99% of world do not). With that being said keep creating and may your life be filled with love, joy, peace & happiness. Continue to fulfill your life purpose (Create).
4 de diciembre de 2020
This is a very promising School Management System built on top of WordPress. Works very well and I hope the developers spend/dedicate more time to its development (both free and premium).
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Registro de cambios


  • FIXED : Unescaped strings and echoes
  • UPDATED : Javascript libraries to newer version
  • UPDATED : Function prefixes


  • FIXED : Student cannot view marks
  • UPDATED : Teacher can take multiple sections as homeroom teacher


  • FIXED : Routine not working after translated
  • ADDED : Shortcode for static pages
  • ADDED : Elementor blocks


  • UPDATED : Change menu location to top admin menu
  • UPDATED : Change menu icon
  • ADDED : User activation status to users table
  • ADDED : Admin can view student profile from student area page
  • ADDED : Documentation link to Sakola WP admin menu
  • FIXED : NULL / empty mark will not count as average for marks
  • FIXED : Order of class routines by hour
  • ADDED : Reassign student feature
  • ADDED : Class info to users student table users


  • Initial Release