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RDP Wiki Embed will pull content from any MediaWiki website (such as wikipedia.org) and embed it in pages and posts. It strips and reformats the content, allowing you to supply some arguments to dictate how this works.

RDP Wiki Embed can also look for all links to wiki sites listed in the Security section and force the content on the current page to be replaced with the content found at the wiki site when the link is clicked. Visitors will be able to read wiki content without leaving your site.

RDP Wiki Embed is not coded to work with the block editor. Therefore, the shortcode button will not work. A plugin that restores the classic editor will need to be installed for the shortcode button to work. Get the Classic Editor Plugin here.


Posting to the WordPress.org Support Forum does not send me notifications of new issues. Therefore, please send support requests using the contact form on my web site.


This plug-in brought to you through the generous funding of Laboratory Informatics Institute, Inc.


Use the shortcode [rdp-wiki-embed] for embedding MediaWiki content. The following arguments are accepted:

  • url: (required) the web address of the wiki article that you want to embed on this page
  • title_show: 0 (zero) to hide title or 1 to show
  • toc_show: 0 (zero) to hide table of contents (TOC) or 1 to show
  • edit_show: 0 (zero) to hide edit links or 1 to show
  • infobox_show: 0 (zero) to hide info boxes or 1 to show
  • unreferenced_show: 0 (zero) to hide "unreferenced" warning boxes or 1 to show
  • wiki_update: number of minutes content of the wiki page will be stored on your site, before it is refreshed
  • wiki_links: behavior after clicking a link to wiki content – default or overwrite
  • wiki_links_open_new: 0 (zero) to open wiki links in same window or 1 to open in new window
  • global_content_replace: 1 to apply embed overwrite behavior to all wiki links on the site or 0 (zero)
  • global_content_replace_template: page template to use for replaced content
  • source_show: 0 (zero) to hide attribution or 1 to show
  • pre_source: text for source label


Basic uasge:

[rdp-wiki-embed url=’http://en.wikipedia.org']

Display table-of-contents and info boxes, but hide title, edit links and 'unreferenced' warning boxes:

[rdp-wiki-embed url=’http://en.wikipedia.org' title_show=’0′ toc_show=’1′ edit_show=’0′ infobox_show=’1′ unreferenced_show=’0′]

About Overwrite and Global Content Replace

Global content replace requires Overwrite mode to be enabled. When content is being replaced in Overwrite mode, the Default Shortcode Settings on the plug-in’s settings page will be applied to content that is fetched from wiki sites.

Action Hook Reference:


  • Param: none
  • Fires after enqueuing plug-in-specific frontend scripts


  • Param: none
  • Fires after enqueuing plug-in-specific frontend styles

Filter Reference


  • Param: Array of HTML elements to remove from the raw wiki content, before being cached
  • Return: Array of HTML elements to remove from the raw wiki content, before being cached


  • Param: Array of HTML elements to remove from the wiki content, before rendering to browser
  • Return: Array of HTML elements to remove from the wiki content, before rendering to browser


  • Settings page
  • Media button to launch shortcode embed helper form
  • Shortcode embed helper form


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit 'Plugins > Add New'
  2. Search for 'RDP Wiki Embed'
  3. Click the Install Now link.
  4. Activate RDP Wiki Embed once it is installed.

From WordPress.org

  1. Download RDP Wiki Embed zip file.
  2. Upload the 'rdp-wiki-embed' directory from the zip file to your '/wp-content/plug-ins/' directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…)
  3. Activate RDP Wiki Embed from your Plugins page.

After Activation – Go to 'Settings' > 'RDP Wiki' and:

  1. Set configurations as desired.
  2. Click 'Save Changes' button.


21 de abril de 2024
Many thanks to the author of this plugin. Initially, it did not work and gave an error message. Cause: You have to omit the inverted commas in the URL.
26 de junio de 2020
What a great resource. And nicely implemented. I only wish the info box and table of contents could be set to not display on mobile devices. They don’t format properly, so aren’t really an option to use. Perhaps in a premium version? Otherwise, perfect!
24 de abril de 2019
Works perfectly. Just have to enter the URL of the Wikipedia article you want. I love how it has the feature to let visitors stay on your website. When you link to the article just use the wiki_links argument and set it to overwrite. When you do that any links in the embedded Wikipedia article will load on your site on that embedded page.
18 de diciembre de 2018
Simple, awesome ! No conflict with visual composer, the tool is beside media insert button in pages. Brilliant ! Thank you so much !
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Registro de cambios


  • Made minor code changes so things work with PHP 8
  • Updated function RDP_WIKI_EMBED_CONTENT->scrub() to remove vector-* classed elements


  • Added function RDP_WIKI_EMBED_CONTENT->buildLink(().
  • Modified function RDP_WIKI_EMBED_CONTENT->scrub() to preserve red links.


  • Fixed bug related to the remove elements process


  • Added settings option to hide the title of fetched wiki pages.
  • Added settings option to allow a list of CSS selectors to target for removal from fetched wiki pages.
  • Modified RDP_WIKI_EMBED_CONTENT->content_get() to use old cURL code for fetching wiki pages.


  • Modified RDP_WIKI_EMBED_CONTENT->preRender() to check for empty white list.
  • Modified RDP_WIKI_EMBED_CONTENT->content_get() to use WordPress HTTP API.
  • Modified RDP_WIKI_EMBED->shortcode() to skip URL validation check.
  • Modified regex patterns in rdp_simple_html_dom (lines 691 and 1387) to fix parsing for PHP 7.3.


  • Modified RDP_WIKI_EMBED_CONTENT->preRender() to use white list URLs to determine if a link should be treated as an external link.


  • Minor changes


  • Updated content parsing to remove jump links


  • Updated content parsing to preserve line breaks in HTML


  • Updated link overwrite script to skip menu items with the class no-wiki-overwrite


  • Modified RDP_WIKI_EMBED_CONTENT->content_get() to use in-memory-only cookies


  • Addressed issue where No Caching setting was ignored


  • Revert shortcode to always render the book TOC button


  • Modified shortcode to prevent rendering of the TOC button if toc_show = 0


  • Re-worked php code and JS code to skip file pages, to leave download links for files and images intact


  • Modified code to ignore headline anchors, where the class attribute contains mw-headline, when adding rdp-we- prefix to the id attributes of HTML elements coming in from MediaWiki sites


  • Added check for array to RDP_WIKI_EMBED_CONTENT->scrub();


  • Modified code to ignore cite anchors when adding rdp-we- prefix to the id attributes of HTML elements coming in from MediaWiki sites
  • Moved code that adds rdp-we- prefix to the id attributes of HTML elements to RDP_WIKI_EMBED_CONTENT->preRender(), from RDP_WIKI_EMBED_CONTENT->scrub()
  • Modified code section that identifies links to external files
  • Added RDP_WIKI_EMBED_UTILITIES::leadingslashit()
  • Added RDP_WIKI_EMBED_UTILITIES::unleadingslashit()
  • Modified code section that tries to convert relative image URLs to absolute URLs


  • Modified code to make a second call to RDP_WIKI_EMBED->enqueueScripts(), to ensure that any overriding shortcode atts are honored
  • Modified RDP_WIKI_EMBED->contentFilter() for simplicity
  • Removed RDP_WIKI_EMBED->getPageShortcode()
  • Fixed bug in RDP_WIKI_EMBED->handleTemplateSelection() related to obtaining default settings
  • Added math to the default element remove list in RDP_WIKI_EMBED_CONTENT->scrub()
  • Added filter rdp_we_scrub_remove_elements_filter
  • Added filter rdp_we_prerender_remove_elements_filter


  • Slight modification to overwrite functionality


  • Refactored code to leave download links for files and images intact
  • Refactored code to add rdp-we- prefix to the id attributes of HTML elements coming in from MediaWiki sites
  • Refactored overwrite code to use same shortcode attributes specified in a page’s original RDP Wiki Embed shortcode
  • Added WP_CRON job to clear expired content from cache


  • Refactored code to properly parse source URL for data-href link attribute
  • Added backup routine to look for rdp_we_resource query variable


  • Security update


  • Updated CSS to show formulas


  • Fix no-cache option setting
  • Add option setting to show wiki admin links
  • Add option setting to show wiki footer


  • Initial RC