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Lightning Paywall


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This plugin will not be maintained any further. We are working on BTCPayWall, which is an up-to-date version of this plugin.

WordPress Lightning Paywall for BTCPay Server by Coincharge.

Lightning Paywall is a WordPress plugin for publishers to charge for paid content. With the help of WordPress Lightning Paywall plugin you can offer blog posts (pay-per-post), videos (pay-per-view) and download file (pay-per-file), accepting bitcoin payment via Lightning Network.

Pay-per-Post, Pay-per-View and Pay-per-File
Payment per newspaper article, blog post, video or file. Instead of offering its content for free and relying on advertising revenue from banner ads and Google, the WordPress Lightning Paywall offers publishers a viable alternative.

Sell high-quality content to readers willing to pay, who don’t want to subscribe but are willing to pay for a single and high-quality article, video or file.

Publishers can make the dependency on banner ads, Google and clickbait content and focus more on high-quality content that readers are willing to pay for.

With the help of WordPress Lightning Paywall, any WordPress site can be turned into a revenue stream in no time.

Advantages for the reader:

  • No login or registration required
  • No transmission of personal data (data protection) required
  • No lengthy subscription if you only want to read a single article, watch a video or download a file
  • Fast and easy payment via Bitcoin and Lightning

Advantages for the publisher:

  • Generate revenue for your high-quality content and make yourself independent of banner ads.
  • With Lightning Paywall, you can earn money without forcing users to sign up for a monthly membership.
  • Offer free posts on your blog and especially high-quality posts are offered for a small fee.
  • Each article has a free part and after a certain point the article becomes chargeable.
  • Charge for your high quality videos.
  • Sell any file and offer it to your customers for download.

Further information can be found here:


  • Prices can be set globally or individually for each post, video or file
  • Availability period of the paid contribution can be set individually
  • Future-oriented payment method thanks to the use of Bitcoin and Lightning
  • Use of the BTCPay server for payment processing and thus independent of banks and payment providers
  • Edit text within the paywall
  • Invoices overview
  • Supports Elementor, WPBakery, Gutenberg and Shortcode


  • WordPress installation
  • BTCPay Server for Bitcoin and Lightning payment processing
  • An additional WooCommerce installation is not required


  • Pairing Process
  • Pairing Process
  • Pairing Process
  • Pairing Process
  • Pairing Process
  • Pairing Process
  • Pairing Process
  • Pairing Process
  • WPBakery Add Paywall
  • WPBakery Add Paywall
  • WPBakery Add Paywall
  • WPBakery Add Paywall
  • Change Global Settings
  • Elementor Add Paywall
  • Gutenberg Add Paywall
  • Gutenberg Add Paywall
  • Shortcode Add Paywall
  • Shortcode Add Paywall


Este plugin proporciona 6 bloques.

  • LP Pay-per-Post End
  • LP Pay-per-File
  • LP Pay-per-View Start
  • LP Pay-per-View End
  • LP Video Catalog
  • LP Pay-per-Post Start


  1. Upload your plugin folder to the '/wp-content/plugins' directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress



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Registro de cambios


  • Changed: Upgrade to BTCPayWall ->


  • Added: Files can be protected with paywall.
  • Changed: Currencies are handled differently.
  • Fixed: Default preview image doesn’t show up on Elementor.
  • Fixed: Content title column in invoice reflects name of the used project


  • Fixed: Problem with saving store id.


  • Fixed: Problem with payment caused by change in handling general and meta settings.

  • Fixed: Error message doesn’t appear for invalid server credentials.


  • Fixed Elementor problem.


  • Added: Videos can be protected with paywall.
  • Added: All protected videos can be displayed on a page.
  • Changed: General settings can be overridden within editor block.
  • Fixed: Paywall can’t be disabled via shortcode.


  • Fixed: Loading spinner doesn’t show up inside paywall.
  • Fixed: Default values for currency and duration type aren’t displayed inside paywall.
  • Fixed: Payment modal is popping up just for SATS currency.


  • First release.