Firmao CallBack


Provide a fast and effective way of communication through Firmao CallBack!

Already have an account in the Firmao CRM system? Install the plugin and start using interactive CallBack. The Firmao plug-in provides the ability to integrate your website with one of the most popular CRM systems in Poland!

With the help of the Firmao CallBack plugin, your customers have a quick way to ask to speak with a specialist. This will allow you or your employees to call back and answer their questions at their convenience.
Benefits of using Livechat:

  • The CallBack tool makes it easy for customers to get in touch – without the unnecessary delays associated with searching for contact forms, email addresses or phone numbers.
  • With CallBack, customers don’t have to wait in line for a call, which increases customer satisfaction.

The Callback tool offers two options that provide immediate assistance:

  • "Call me now": If you have questions and want an answer as soon as possible, choose this option. A specialist will call you back for free. This gives you the assurance that your inquiry will be resolved quickly and efficiently.
  • "Call me later": We understand that you can’t always talk right away. Choose this option to schedule a callback at your convenience and at a time of your choosing. Our specialist will contact you according to your preferences, providing flexibility and convenience.

In order to use the Firmao CallBack plugin, you must have a Professional license. To purchase, contact us:


  • Quick and effective communication with customers
  • Easy to use CallBack
  • What does CallBack look like?
  • Connection to the Firmao system


Adding Firmao CallBack widget to your WordPress site is really easy, follow these steps :
* Install the plugin from the WordPress directory
* You will need a Firmao account : Create demo account for free here! or use Your account
* Read our manual of installing Livechat on your www site.
* Customize widget by editing a form in settings section or contact our support for help.
* Activate plugin.
* Start chatting with your visitors!




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