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EELV Newsletter


Add a registration form on FrontOffice, a newsletter manager on BackOffice :

  • manage skins
  • address book
  • archives
  • answers

Freely manage content

  • shortcuts to add last posts or pages preview
  • the plugin allows to use shortcodes into the newsletters

Subscribe / unsubscribe form

  • Create a new page and put the shortcode [eelv_news_form] in the content.
  • Go to the configuration page on the wordpress admin to manage defaults values for expeditor and fill the unsuscribe page
    (the page wich contains the shortcode [eelv_news_form] to allow visitors to suscribe/unsuscribe your newsletter)
  • available attributes :
    • group=1 (Numeric, define in wich address book group to register e-mail addresses)
    • subscribe=1 (Boolean)
    • unsubscribe=1 (Boolean)
    • archives=1 (Boolean, displays or not the archives link)
    • archives_title="Last newsletters" (String)
    • title="Your email:" (String)
    • placeholder="Your email:" (String)
    • button_label="ok" (String)

Answer functionnality

  • Create a new page and put the shortcode [nl_reply_form] in the content.
  • Go to the configuration page on the wordpress admin to manage defaults values for expeditor and fill the answer page
    (the page wich contains the shortcode [nl_reply_form] to allow visitors to answer your newsletter)
  • add answer links in your newsletters by adding the shortcode [nl_reply_link], you can add as many links as you want.
    Attributes your anwser links are rep="the_answer_code" val="the link’s text"

Do you like this plugin ?

[nl_reply_link val="Yes I do" rep="yes"]

[nl_reply_link val="Not at all" rep="no"]

[nl_reply_link val="Can you repeat the question ?" rep="misunderstand"]

Links will be automaticly created with the e-mail address of the recipient. If the link is broken, with not enougth datas, a form will be displayed to complete it.

Reading tracking

  • Check if your newsletters are readen or not
  • Clean your address book

Use skins

  • You can create skins or use the default skin.
  • The default skin automaticly load the 3 latest posts into your newsletter.

Sending alert

  • Network admins can also setup an email to receive each newsletter sent by the server, for preventing spam usage or support users

External address books with hooks

Use theses hooks to use any external address book

To hook into the pre-sending form and and add your recipients selector, use :
function my_recipients_select_function(){
echo' My recipients';

To parse the query and correctly add emails to the queue, use :

Also usefull: add_action('eelv_newsletter_addressbook_list')

WP CLI Support

Sending to huge list of recipients can be done over wp-cli.

wp newsletter send

In a multisite use, –url parameter is mandatory.

To avoid any conflict, set "send by" to "WP-CLI" in your configuration page.',



  • fr_FR : 100%


  • en : 100%


  • Template manager
  • Sending options


Este plugin proporciona 2 bloques.

  • Newsletter reply link
  • Newsletter Post Preview


  1. Upload eelv_newsletter to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress admin
  3. Create a new page and insert the short code [eelv_news_form]
  4. You can edit defaults settings in Newsletter > Configuration and help


Does the adress book has a blacklist ?

Yes, email registered in the black list, won’t receive any newsletter from your site.

Can I create my own skins ?

Yes, skins are registered as post-type.

  1. Site admins can create skins into newsletter > skins
  2. To add skins on each blog on a multisite network, just add some items to the default themes variable in your functions.php ex: $eelv_nl_default_themes['your skin name']='Your skin HTML here';
  3. To add a default content to this skin, add an item to the default content variable. ex : $eelv_nl_content_themes['your skin name']='Your content here';


8 de septiembre de 2016
After installing it did not work it took hours because hacking is not documentation crumbling; then suddenly it stopped working again … it’s a shame because when it works; it’s really convenient to use but it is unreliable suddenly must forgive me but I have really tried. Sorry for my English ; I’m french.
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Registro de cambios


  • Add missing files to repo


  • Add missing files to repo


Warning: Beta version for test purpose only

  • Add Gutenberg support
  • Add many hooks


Release date: 2018-06

  • Add shortcode attributes: title and label


Release date: 2017-12

  • Adds eelv_newsletter_addressbook_list action hook
  • Code refactoring


Release date: 2017-05-18

  • Fix cross-site scripting (XSS) vuln in address book
  • Fix cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vuln in address book


Release date: 2017-05-17

  • Adds variables in templates: {blog_name}, {blog_url}, {blog_description}, {blog_image}


Release date: 2017-03

  • Add limit "option" in CLI command
  • More customizable HTML in subscribe forms
  • Separate notices when many forms are in the same page


Release date: 2017-02

  • Add: WP-CLI support
  • Add: Some verbose output while sending
  • Add: Optimize Ajax calls


Release date: 2016-06-28

Add site favicon in archive template
Add action eelv_newsletter_sending_options($post)
Add action eelv_newsletter_custom_box_dest($post_id)
Add action eelv_newsletter_editor_variables
Add filter eelv_newsletter_content($content, email, $wp_user_datas, $nl_id)
Add $archive parameter to eelv_newsletter_parse_recipients($contacts) filter
Display date within local date and time format in sending options page
Fix untranslated strings
Code cleanup
Update credentials


Release date: 2016-10

Add: Locker to avoid sending overlapping
Add: Less SQL transactions
Fix: Some sent emails where not stored in log


Release date: 2016-04-27

Fix: The first newsletter is never sent


Release date : 2016-03-10

Fix PHP warning " Trying to get property of non-object"


Release date : 2015-10-29

  • remove use of <? shortcuts
  • Update textdomain to match plugin slug


Release date : 2015-10-20

  • More accurate sending date
  • GLobal UI: Use of native Dashicons
  • Improved UI in archives: Progress bar

  • Fix headers encoding

  • Put JS and CSS in separated directories
  • Code cleanup


  • minified JS and CSS on front
  • default date is local date on sending form


  • Fix a cron bug
  • More verbose queue list
  • Explicitly display locale time


Release date : 2015-09-18

  • Modulable cron interval
  • Better performances
  • Code cleanup


Release date : 2015-09-11

  • Update version
  • Wrap sender name in quotes


Release date : 2015-09-10

  • Add import addressbook by CVS
  • Allow scheduled sending
  • New editor helper with preview of post and autocompleter
  • New multi-instance widget with more options
  • Fix header’s Message-id (thanks to Inglebard)
  • Small code refactoring
  • improved translation


  • more WP 4.3 compliant


  • WP 4.3 compliant


  • Fix: Better use of imagettftext (removes PHP warning)


  • Add: Send per burst and burst interval options
  • Move full use of wp_mail to branch 4.0
  • Some code cleanup


  • Add: Use of wp_mail function to make the plugin more hookable
  • Some code cleanup


  • Add: Usage statistics in skins list
  • Add: Security improvement in options page
  • Fix: Unwanted slashes in options saving


  • Fix: remove bad div end tag


  • Fix: update shortcode help


  • Fix: text-domain issue


  • Add: Configuration help : check if shortcodes are present
  • Fix: Archives widget bug with post loops


  • Add: Configuration option : End of line \r\n and \n to fix problem on some servers such as qmail
  • Add: plugin icon


  • Add: Configuration option : MIME type HTML or HTML+PlainText
  • Add: Remove styles from plain text part
  • Fix: Default skins add header images only if there is one


  • Fix: Un/Subscribe shortcode attribute error


  • Add: Shortcode wizard to insert answer links
  • Add: Export contacts from a group as CSV
  • Add: Hooks to add some external address books
  • Fix: [nl_date] & [desinsc_url] not parsed
  • Fix: Encoding on Mac clients by using "Quoted-printable" instead of "8bit"


  • Fix: JS error on subscribe form from shortcode


  • Fix: bug on archives list front page


  • Fix: Change headers end of line to CRLF (\r\n) to match more servers
  • Fix: Remove some PHP warnings


  • Fix: Activation generate error


  • Fix: subscription widget bug


  • Fix: Break lines after inserted posts in newsletter editor to prevent posts in other posts


  • Add: More options in skin management and for default content
  • Add: Remove autoP formating for skins and newsletters
  • Add: 2 cols preformated template
  • Add: Ability to load skin’s default content unregardless to the selected skin
  • Add: Displays real posts in realtime preview for default content
  • Fix: Refresh after selecting a skin in newsletter editing


  • Add: Edit default content for each newsletter skin
  • Add: Edit item style for each default content with realtime preview
  • Add: Archives widget
  • Add: Better address book list displaying
  • Add: Update the online newsletter displaying
  • Fix: Huge code improvement
  • Fix: Wording & translation
  • Fix: Few bugs


  • Add : 5sec. delay between two bursts
  • Add : Custom wpdb query for users adressing in order to get only required datas (improves performances)


  • Fix : Integration in WP 3.8


  • Fix : suscription bug


  • Fix : update edit.php to post.php
  • Fix : performances optimisation
  • Fix : suscription bug


  • Fix : Addressing assignation problem


  • Add : Double verification for users role, for preventing conflict with custom capabilities


  • Fix : Important bug fix with role selection for recipients
  • Add : Add addressing possibility with login values
  • Fix : French translation


  • Add : Add addressing possibility with name and email values
  • Add : Default WP aligncenter, alignleft and alignright style support
  • Add : Edit spy image’s text


  • Fix : Options stripslashes
  • Fix : Address book fields focus


  • Fix : Minor bug fix


  • Fix : Correctly allow multiple form occurences
  • Fix : French translation


  • Add : widget options : texts, classes
  • Add : widget placeholder replacement for old browsers


  • Add : Pre-checked option for share buttons
  • Add : Default style for widget, suscribe/unsuscribe show/hide occurence
  • Fix : Auto update option version
  • Fix : Change licence from CC to GPL


  • Fix : use wp_enqueue_style function


  • Fix : Adjust color of red-list emails


  • Fix : Keeps newsletter submenu opened on news-type page


  • Fix : User role setting for news-types


  • Add : News-type taxonomy
  • Add : Group destination for suscribe-form (shortcode attribute)
  • Fix : Minor Cross Site Scripting (XSS) in group management page
  • Fix : better HTML syntax in suscribe form
  • Fix : some words


  • Add : Mime format for correct plain text displaying
  • Add : show a thickbox for answer links in a preview page
  • Fix : shows a correction
  • Fix : alerts text correction


  • Add : Check for missing parameters in sending form
  • Fix : Help page duplicate content
  • Fix : Translation fix
  • Fix : SQL syntax error in answer page
  • Fix : PHP warning in configuration page


  • Fix : french translation fix
  • Fix : edit options version


  • Add : Answer functionnality : requires to create an anwser page with the shortcode [nl_reply_form]
  • Fix : enhance archives columns view
  • Fix : spy image headers


  • Fix : Hide new available options from network


  • Add : Display an alert for new available options


  • Add : Adjust capabilities for Admins, Editors (can’nt edit configuration or reload parameters) and Authors (can’nt send newsletters)


  • Fix : Remove HTML tags from suscribe-from alerts, JS XSS vulnerability fix


  • Add : Move plugin to English and then retranslate it into french… :-/
  • Add : Change newsletter skin directly from send page
  • Add : Send a confirmation e-mail to (un)suscribers
  • Add : Some help and legend
  • Fix : Replace deprecated functions
  • Fix : Remove some php warnings


  • Fix : Check if apply_filter(’the_content') doesn’t make content empty


  • Fix : CSS fix in admin


  • Add : Title and share-links options for converting posts into newsletters
  • Add : Option for hidding archives link under subscription form


  • Fix : bug in configuration page


  • Minor add : duplicate en_US translation to en_UK


  • Minor add : Enhanced english translation


  • Minor add : Shows percentage rate of reading
  • Fix : Issue while checking reading status of an email
  • Fix : Enhance functions compability with has_cap
  • Fix : Performances optimisations


  • Add : Reading tracking : now appears in archives list
  • Fix : Archive front page override other post-types


  • Add : Reading tracking : try to know if sent emails is readen by recepient (optional)
  • Add : Enhanced status icons
  • Add : Enhanced english translation


  • Add : Optionnal share links
  • Add : Enhanced english translation


  • Add : Higlight unsuscribe link in configuration page
  • Add : Enhanced english translation
  • Fix : Minor HTML bugs in back-office


  • Fix: Archive display centered


  • Fix: Rename some functions for preventing uncompability


  • Add: Enhanced english translation


  • Fix: Sql error [Multiple primary key defined] dbdelta


  • Add: Archives are displayed in a new, blank and clean page
  • Fix: Select-box to insert pages into a newsletter was listing posts


  • Add: Custom content now works for creation, not just edit newsletter


  • Fix: Performances optimisation


  • Fix: broken link for stylesheet


  • Add: custom column for archives to display queue and sent
  • Add: Choice of the archive status : publish or private (for tests)
  • Add: Some more lines for completing translation, soon soon!


  • Add: custom email to receive a copy of any campaign send (manage it in the network admin)
  • Add: Performances optimisation
  • Add: Add some lines for completing translation, not finished yet !


  • Fix: broken link for status icons


  • Publication in the wordpress repository