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Direct Checkout


On an e-commerce website, a user can make a purchase via adding a product to the cart and proceeding on the checkout page. On the checkout page, the users are sometimes required to fill form fields related to billing and shipping. The owner sometimes does not require these fields and wishes to hide/remove them. This plugin will help by reducing the number of actions performed by the user.
Direct Checkout is a plugin which decreases the overall steps required in the WooCommerce checkout process. You can simplify the checkout process by disabling the checkout form fields which are not required.

Features we offer:

  • Remove checkout fields.
  • Easy checkout process.
  • Quick purchase functionality.

Configurations & Templating

Steps are:

  1. After installation, go to 'direct checkout' in the admin panel.
  2. try Shipping fields visibility settings and save changes will hide the fields if you checked the option from settings
  3. try billing visibility settings check any of the checkboxes which allows you to disable the field in the checkout form.


  • assets/screenshot-1.png allows the user to modify the checkout form of shipping Fields visibility.
  • assets/screenshot-2.png Settings for billing field functionality.
  • assets/screenshot-2.png Modified form results will look like.


How to modify the checkout form

In your WordPress admin panel, go to direct checkout those settings have to ability to modify the checkout form

Difference Between Billing and shipping fields

Shipping fields is the address where the package will be delivered and billing fields are related to your banking.


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  • User allows to modified their direct checkout form billing and shipping fields.