Advanced Custom Fields: Extended


🚀 All-in-one enhancement suite that improves WordPress & Advanced Custom Fields. This plugin aims to provide a powerful administration framework with a wide range of improvements & optimizations.

This plugin requires at least ACF Pro 5.8.
If you don’t already own ACF Pro, you should consider it. It’s one of the most powerful WordPress plugin available.

⭐ Highlight

  • 14+ New ACF Fields
  • 10+ ACF Fields Enhanced
  • 4+ New Field Groups Locations
  • Self/Multi/Bidirectional Fields
  • Advanced Fields Validation
  • Flexible Content as Page Builder
  • Optimize metadata with Performance Mode
  • Advanced Front-End Forms Manager
  • ACF Options Pages / Block Types Manager
  • ACF & WordPress Meta Overview
  • WordPress Post Types / Taxonomies Manager
  • WordPress Options Manager
  • WordPress Admin Enhancements
  • WPML & Polylang Multilingual support
  • … And many more features

💎 Pro Highlight

  • 20+ New ACF Fields
  • 10+ ACF Fields Enhanced
  • 20+ New Locations
  • Payment Field with Stripe & PayPal Express
  • Flexible Content Grid System
  • Flexible Content Layouts Locations Rules
  • Templates Manager
  • Builtin Classic Editor
  • Settings UI
  • Screen Layouts
  • Force Json Sync
  • Field Visibility Settings
  • Global Field Conditional Rules
  • … And many more features

🤟 Philosophy

  • Seamless integration
  • No extra menu, ads or notices
  • Built by developers, for developers

🛠️ Links

🧰 Tools

📁 Field Groups

Advanced Settings
Enable advanced settings for all fields within the Field Group.

Auto Sync PHP
Automatically synchronize field groups with local PHP files upon field group updates. This feature will create, include and update a local PHP file for each field group.

Auto Sync Json
Control which field groups you want to synchronize with local Json files. Display warnings if the Json file has been manually deleted.

Spice up your field groups with a custom taxonomy and filter field groups by terms.

Custom Key
Set custom field group key. Example: group_custom_name.

Custom Meta
Add custom metas (key/value) in the field group administration.

Display Title
Display an alternative field group title in post edition screen.

Field Group UI (PRO)
Enable enhancements to the Field Group UI for a better user experience.

Force Sync (PRO)
Always keep Json files synchronized with the Field Groups in the database.

Hide on Screen (FREE / PRO)
Hide Gutenberg Block Editor and 10+ more items to hide in the field group settings.

Instructions Placement
New instruction placements let you display field description "above the fields" or in a "tooltip".

Location: Advanced Post (PRO)
A collection of multiple new Field Groups locations allowing developers to target posts with specific conditions (Post author, date, slug, path etc…).

Location: Advanced Menu Item (PRO)
Target specific "Menu Item Depth" or "Menu Item Type" from the Field Groups Locations rules.

Location: Advanced Taxonomy Term (PRO)
A collection of multiple new Field Groups locations allowing developers to target taxonomy and terms with specific conditions (Term name, parent, slug etc…).

Location: All post types
Display field groups on all post types edition screen.

Location: Attachment List (PRO)
Display field group on attachment admin list screen.

Location: Dashboard Widgets (PRO)
Display field groups and update ACF Fields from the WP Dashboard.

Location: Field Value (PRO)
Display a field group based on the field value of an another field group.

Location: Post type Archive
Add an Archive Option Page under the Post Type admin menu. Display and save any field groups within it.

Location: Post type List
Display field group on post types admin list screen.

Location: Taxonomy List
Display field group on taxonomies admin list screen.

Location: User List (PRO)
Display field group on user admin list screen.

Location: Woocommerce (PRO)
Display field groups on Woocommerce pages.

Location: WP Settings (PRO)
Display field groups on WP Settings pages: General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media and Permalinks.

Local Field Groups
Display local field groups that are loaded by ACF, but not available in the ACF field group administration. Example: Field groups that are registered in the functions.php file, but not in the ACF UI.

Add a personal note in the field group administration. Only visible to administrators.

Add permission layer to field groups. Choose which roles can view & edit field groups in the post edition screen.

Raw Data
Display raw field group data in a modal to check your configuration & settings.

⚙️ Fields Settings

Advanced Settings
A more sophisticated field settings based on specified location (administration/front-end). Example: Field is required only in front-end.

Advanced Validation
A more sophisticated validation conditions (AND/OR) with custom error messages based on specified location (administration/front-end).

Self/Multi/Bidirectional fields
An advanced bidirectional setting (also called post-to-post) is available for the following fields: Relationship, Post object, User & Taxonomy terms. Fields will work bidirectionally and automatically update each others. Works in groups & clones.

Field Visibility (PRO)
Get quick access to "Field Visibility", "Label Visibility", "Instructions Visibility" and "Required Setting" for the following screens: "Everywhere", "Front-end" and "Administration".

Global Condition (PRO)
Enable Global Conditional Logic for a specific field, which can then be used in an another Field Group as condition, both as Field Group Condition and Field Condition.

Instruction Placement (PRO)
Override a specific field instruction placement to any position: Below labels, below fields, above fields or tooltip.

Instruction Read More (PRO)
Allow to expand instructions text with a "Read More" link. This feature is useful for lengthy instructions text.

Min/Max (PRO)
Minimum & maximum items is a global field setting that let you define a specific number of items that can or should be added by the user.

Add permission layer to fields. Choose which roles can view & edit fields in the post edition screen. (can be combined with field groups permissions).

Raw data
Display raw field data in a modal to check your configuration & settings.

Required Message (PRO)
This setting allow developers to define a custom error message within the field settings for a more intuitive user experience.

🏷️ Fields

Advanced Link
Display a modern Link Selection in a modal. Posts, Post Types Archives & terms selection can be filtered in the field administration.

Block Editor (PRO)
Display an isolated Block Editor field on admin screen (with Classic Editor enabled) or on the front-end.

Block Types (PRO)
Display an ACF Block Types selector as radio, checkbox or select field type.

Display a custom submit or button. Built-in ajax call setting. Usage example available in the field administration.

Checkbox (FREE / PRO)
Define grouped choices values using ## Title markup in the field’s choices.

Allow users to edit clone fields in a modal. Choose the edit button text, display close button and the modal size.

Code Editor
Edit code using the native WP Core Codemirror library. Default languages: Text/HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP mixed/plain.

Color Picker (PRO)
A collection of advanced settings for the ACF Color Picker. The field can now be displayed as a palette, custom colors can be predefined and RGBA mode is supported.

Columns (FREE / PRO)
Organize and re-arrange your fields using columns and line-breaks. The field acts like the ACF Accordion/Tab field and allow you to create virtually grouped fields which will be displayed inside columns.

Countries (PRO)
Display a Country selector as radio, checkbox or select field type.

Currencies (PRO)
Display a Currency selector as radio, checkbox or select field type.

Date/Timepicker (FREE / PRO)
Display a modern UI of the ACF Datepicker field. CSS and icons have been enhanced to fit WordPress admin UI and colors.

Date Range Picker (PRO)
Display a Date Range Picker. The field support a wide range of customization, such as: Placeholder, Default dates, Range Restriction, Date restriction, No weekends etc.

Dynamic Render
Display custom HTML/PHP content using a simple named hook.

Field Groups (PRO)
Display an ACF Field Groups selector as radio, checkbox or select field type.

Field Types (PRO)
Display an ACF Field Types selector as radio, checkbox or select field type.

Fields (PRO)
Display an ACF Fields selector as radio, checkbox or select field type.

File (FREE / PRO)
Choose the uploader type, enable multi file upload and dropzone.

Flexible Content (FREE / PRO)
Displayed an enhanced version of the native Flexible Content field. Dozens of new settings and settings were added, allowing developers to create the most advanced page builder and fully control the field’s behavior.

Select any dynamic form (format: checkbox, radio or select).

Google Map (PRO)
A collection of new settings added to the ACF Google Map Field that allow developers to have more control over the field behavior.

Google reCaptcha
Display a reCaptcha field (compatible v2 & v3).

Allow users to edit group fields in a modal Choose the edit button text, display close button and the modal size

Hidden Input
Display a hidden input with custom name/value

Image (FREE / PRO)
Choose the uploader type, customize the upload folder and set the image as post featured thumbnail

Image Selector (PRO)
Display an Image Selector field.

Image Sizes (PRO)
Display an Image Sizes selector as radio, checkbox or select field type.

Languages (PRO)
Display a Language selector as radio, checkbox or select field type, compatible with WPML & Polylang.

Menu Locations (PRO)
Display a Menu Locations selector as radio, checkbox or select field type.

Menus (PRO)
Display a Menu selector as radio, checkbox or select field type.

Options Pages (PRO)
Display an ACF Options Pages selector as radio, checkbox or select field type.

Payment (PRO)
Display a Payment Field that supports with Stripe & PayPal Express gateways, working on both front-end and back-end.

Payment Cart (PRO)
Display an optional Payment Cart to easily setup an e-commerce solution.

Payment Selector (PRO)
Display an optional Payment Selector which let the user switch the payment gateway.

Phone Number (PRO)
Display a fully customizable international Phone Number field.

Post Field (PRO)
The Post Field is a new field that allow developers to move native WordPress fields such as Post Title, Date, Status, Visibility, Permalink etc.

Post Formats (PRO)
Display a Post Format selector as radio, checkbox or select field type.

Post Object (FREE / PRO)
Allow user to enter custom value which will be saved as a new post, or enable the inline post creation/edit.

Post Status
Select any post status (format: checkbox, radio or select)

Post Types
Select any post type (format: checkbox, radio or select)

Radio (FREE / PRO)
Define grouped choices values using ## Title markup in the field’s choices.

Relationship (PRO)
The Relationship field includes new settings allowing users to create and edit post on-the-fly from the post edit screen.

Add stylised to 'Add Row' button, lock rows and remove repeater’s actions.

Select (FREE / PRO)
Change the default "Select" placeholder text and Search Input placeholder and allow user to enter custom values.

A slug text input (ie: my-text-input).

Tab (PRO)
Disable the last opened tab user preference. Which means that when the user will refresh the page, it will always load the first tab.

Select any taxonomy (format: checkbox, radio or select)

Taxonomy Terms
Select any terms of any taxonomies, allow specific terms, level or childrens (format: checkbox or select). Terms can be loaded & saved for the current post (just like the native ACF Taxonomy field)

Templates (PRO)
Display an ACF Extended Templates selector as radio, checkbox or select field type.

Switch font family to monospace and allow tab indent.

True/False (PRO)
Five new styles have been added to the native True/False field.

User Roles
Select any user role (format: checkbox, radio or select)

New settings allowing developers to have more control over the field behavior.

🛠️ Modules

Block Types UI (FREE / PRO)
The Dynamic Block Types module allows you to register and manage ACF Block Types from your WordPress admin, in ACF > Block Types menu. Pro version allows to sync Json/PHP files.

Classic Editor (PRO)
ACF Extended is bundled with a custom merged version of the Classic Editor & Disable Gutenberg plugins.

Developer Mode (FREE / PRO)
The Developer Mode allow you to view all Posts, Terms, Users & Options custom metadata in a readable format. This feature is very useful to check what is actually saved in any WordPress Object.

Forms (FREE / PRO)
Manage Advanced ACF Forms from the WordPress administration. This module is an enhanced version of the native ACF Form feature. While all native settings can be used, Dynamic Forms adds many new settings and introduce "Actions" for a complete control over the form behavior.

Options Pages UI (FREE / PRO)
The Dynamic Options Pages module allows you to register and manage ACF Options Pages from your WordPress admin, in ACF > Options Pages menu. Pro version allows to sync Json/PHP files.

Performance Mode (FREE / PRO)
A unique module that allows developers to optimize database load when dealing with hundreds or thousands of metadata with two different methods: Ultra & Hybrid Engines.

Post Types UI (FREE / PRO)
The Dynamic Post Types module allows you to register and manage custom post types from your WordPress admin, in Tools > Post Types menu. Pro version allows to sync Json/PHP files.

All native post types settings can be set within the UI. ACF Extended also adds more advanced settings allowing to manage posts per page, order etc…

Rewrite Rules (PRO)
Get an overview of all WordPress permalinks structures and rules. Test URLs, export rules and flush permalinks from the UI.

Scripts UI (PRO)
Run custom scripts on thousands of posts. Including builtin "Orphan Meta Cleaner", "Script Launcher" and "Performance Converter" scripts.

Settings UI (FREE / PRO)
The Settings UI allows developers to get an overview of all ACF and ACF Extended settings values from the ACF > Settings menu.

Taxonomies UI (FREE / PRO)
The Dynamic Taxonomies module allows you to register and manage custom taxonomies from your WordPress admin, in Tools > Taxonomies menu. Pro version allows to sync Json/PHP files.

All native taxonomies settings can be set within the UI. ACF Extended also adds more advanced settings allowing to manage posts per page, order etc…

Templates (PRO)
Manage default ACF values in an advanced way and sync templates with Json/PHP files.

🖥️ WordPress

Ajax Author Box
The native WP Author Metabox has been replaced with an Ajax version allowing to manage thousands of users without slowing down the post administration. The new Author box also include an inline search input.

Enhanced UI
The Taxonomy, User profile & Settings views have been enhanced for a more consistent administration experience, using CSS/JS only.

ACF Extended adds a new layer of compatibility for Polylang. ACF Options Pages and all ACF Extended Modules (Dynamic Post Type, Taxonomy, Options Pages, Block Type) are compatible.

Screen Layouts (PRO)
Post Edit screens have been enhanced allowing up to 3 columns layout and multiple variations.

ACF Extended adds a new layer of compatibility for WPML. ACF Options Pages and all ACF Extended Modules (Dynamic Post Type, Taxonomy, Options Pages, Block …


  • Flexible Content Preview
  • Flexible Content Modal
  • New Fields
  • Post Type List Location
  • Self/Multi/Bidirectional Fields
  • Developer Mode
  • Dynamic Post Types
  • Enhanced WordPress UI


WordPress Install

  1. Install Advanced Custom Fields: Pro
  2. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/acf-extended/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' screen in WordPress.
  4. Everything is ready!


Where can I find the documentation?

You’ll find the documentation of every features on the official ACF Extended website.

Where can I submit a bug report?

You can file a report on the Plugin Support Forum or on the Github Page if you prefer.

Where can I submit a feature request?

You can submit a feature request on the Plugin Support Forum. Feature requests are all listed on the Official Trello Board.

What is planned for the next update?

The content of the upcoming patch and work in progress features are all listed on the Official Roadmap (or the Trello Board).


6 de mayo de 2023
The basic version of the plugin is phenomenal on it’s own and I am sure the pro is more than worth it, though I have not tried it. The extra field types and tools add a great deal to ACF in a seamless way. I do really wish they made it more clear what is included in PRO and not-PRO. Having badges showing half pro and half free really just adds to the confusion.
27 de marzo de 2023
Many plugins I’ve bought often fail to live-up to expectations (each release invariably breaks something). ACF though is just excellent, and ACFE matches that and extends it in so many useful and valuable ways. I’m sure most developers would rather cut code than support their plugins, however, Konrad takes time to reply quickly and in some detail. You get the feeling this plugin is extremely well written (like ACF itself), clearly very well documented and properly supported. I think a rating of 5 stars are fully justified.
7 de marzo de 2023
good day.I am using the Image Selector field but as I see it on the frontend, I am using elementor I use an acf type image but the only thing I see is the url of the image I can’t get the image to be seen by any chance do you have any guide on how to work that part I have the return value as image It should be noted that I am using it inside a repeater which in turn is within a flexible content if I use it outside these elements it works correctly greetings
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Registro de cambios

ACF Extended Pro

  • Field: Flexible Content – Grid – Added filter to rename columns (1/12, 2/12, 3/12…)
  • Field: Google Map – Added small UI settings tweaks
  • Field: Payment – Removed Polyfill library dependency
  • Field Settings: Global Condition – Fixed Global Field Condition operators with ACF 6.3
  • Field Settings: Instructions Tooltip – Fixed tooltip always visible when switching tab
  • Module: Force Sync – Fixed sync from Dashboard with Flexible Content Toggle Layout
  • Module: Force Sync – Enhanced Force Delete compatibility with Json and PHP sync

ACF Extended Basic

  • Field: Flexible Content – Added missing "Copy/Toggle Layout" localized strings
  • Field: Flexible Content – Added JS hook acfe/flexible/preview/layout=my-layout variation
  • Field: Flexible Content – Enhanced ACF UI CSS settings with "Tabs Hidden"
  • Field: Forms – Fixed potential warning when switching from Checkbox to Radio
  • Module: Form – Added safe guard logic for ACF fields in "Load" actions
  • Module: Form – Fixed outsourced Clone Seamless Fields values
  • Module: Form – Fixed Template Tags warning with PHP 8
  • Module: Form – User – Builtin Validation now check if email is already used
  • Module: Form – User – Builtin Validation now check the login during the insert
  • Module: Form – User – Builtin Validation now check the illegal_user_logins wp filter
  • Module: Form – User – Updating user login now automatically re-log the user
  • Global: Fixed Ajax Nonce verification compatibility with ACF 6.3.2

ACF Extended Pro

  • Field Group Location: Added "Dashboard > Widget" Location
  • Field Group Location: Dashboard Widget allows to update fields from the WP Dashboard
  • Field Group Location: Added "Woocommerce" Cart, Checkout, Account, Shop & Terms
  • Modules: AutoSync – acfe/php & acfe/json settings control the AutoSync metabox visbility

ACF Extended Basic

  • Module: Form – Added ability to load form with ajax
  • Module: Form – Added "Validation > Global Error" settings to customize error messages
  • Module: Form – Added Instruction Placement "Tooltip" & "Above Field" options
  • Module: Form – Cleaned front-end forms HTML markup
  • Module: Form – Enhanced front-end forms JS logic
  • Module: Form – Enhanced compatibility for multiple forms on the same page
  • Module: Form – Enhanced {field:gallery} formatted value
  • Module: Form – Enhanced "Validation > Grouped Errors" to use the "Errors Class" setting
  • Module: Form – Fixed missing l10n acf setting compatibility for export
  • Module: Form – Fixed Shortcode usage in Success Message
  • Module: Form – Fixed slashed text in Success Message template tags
  • Module: Form – Post – Fixed Image/File/Gallery "Uploaded to" filter in Media Modal
  • Module: Form – Post – Fixed Gallery attachement not being connected to created/updated post
  • Module: Form – Post – Fixed Shortcode usage in Post Content
  • Module: Form – Post – Fixed current post not displaying new data if updated without redirect
  • Module: Form – Email – Fixed Shortcode usage in e-mail content/html
  • Module: Form – User – "Log In" action doesn’t require to redirect on success anymore
  • Module: Form – Added acfe.renderForm() & acfe.renderFormAjax() JS helpers
  • Module: Form – Added acfe_enqueue_form() PHP helper
  • Module: Form – Added acfe_get_form_action() allowing dot notation & default arguments
  • Module: Form – Added acfe/form/submit_success_data PHP hook to pass data to the JS
  • Module: Form – Added acfe/form/validation_begin JS hook to target front-end validation
  • Module: Form – Added acfe/form/validation_failure JS hook to target front-end validation
  • Module: Form – Added acfe/form/validation_success JS hook to target front-end validation
  • Module: Form – Added acfe/form/validation_complete JS hook to target front-end validation
  • Field Groups: Advanced Settings – Added ability to assign field’s sub array settings using dot notation
  • Field Groups: AutoSync – Added ability to remove existing Json/PHP sync from the Field Group UI
  • Field Groups: AutoSync – acfe/php & acfe/json settings now control the sync metabox visbility
  • Field Groups: AutoSync – Added acfe/settings/should_delete_php hook to control the file removal
  • Field Groups: AutoSync – Added acfe/settings/should_delete_json hook to control the file removal
  • Field Groups: AutoSync – Fixed Json files not being correctly deleted when Field Group use a custom path
  • Global: Modal – Renamed new_modal js hook into acfe/new_modal for consistency
  • Global: Enhanced acfe_get_post_id() helper

ACF Extended Pro

  • Modules: Added "Bulk Sync Changes from DB/JSON/PHP" feature
  • Field: Block Editor – Fixed field when copy/pasted within a Flexible Content
  • Field: Color Picker – Fixed "Palette" tooltip title being duplicated on change

ACF Extended Basic

  • Module: Form – Fixed acfe/form/submit_post_args not passing new post_id to fields if changed
  • Module: Form – Fixed {field:field_6635cd66ba409} not working with group subfields
  • Module: Form – Fixed Post Thumbnail reset when a Form has no post thumbnail
  • Field: Flexible Content – Fixed "Settings Modal" subfields loop within a sub flexible content
  • Field: Flexible Content – Fixed "Copy/Paste Layout" not working on non-HTTPS environments
  • Field: Taxonomy Terms – Enhanced front-end forms compatibility
  • Field: Taxonomy Terms – Improved {field:taxonomy_terms} tag format
  • Field: Taxonomy – Enhanced front-end forms compatibility

ACF Extended Pro

  • Module: Form – Added Ajax Submission feature
  • Module: Form – Ajax Submission can be enabled in the Form "Settings" tab

ACF Extended Basic

  • Module: Form – Added "Scroll to message" setting in the "Success" tab
  • Module: Form – Enhanced acfe/form/load_form strategy
  • Module: Form – Enhanced map argument to allow override loaded values from Actions
  • Module: Form – Enhanced {render:field_name} to first search within mapped field groups
  • Module: Form – Renamed acfe/form/success_form to acfe/form/render_success for consistency
  • Module: Form – Added acfe/form/submit_success as very early hook, in page headers
  • Module: Form – Fixed Select field "Custom Value" setting compatibility with forms
  • Module: Form – Fixed duplicate rows in {field:repeater} Template Tag
  • Module: Form – Added missing wpautop() on Success Message
  • Module: Form – Minor CSS compatibility tweaks for mac
  • Module: Form – User Action – Fixed the "Roles" load value as raw array
  • Module: AutoSync – Fixed PHP files not being correctly deleted when Field Group was removed using a custom path
  • Field Groups – Local – Fixed missing "Local" tab when there are only AutoSync PHP files
  • Field Groups: Minor CSS tweaks
  • Field: reCaptcha – Reworked & enhanced code logic
  • Settings UI: Fixed missing reCaptcha ACF settings in the "Fields" tab

ACF Extended Pro

  • Module: Global Field Location – Fixed Field Group Location escaping issues
  • Field Groups: Advanced Locations – Fixed Field Group Location escaping issues
  • Field: Payment – Fixed {field:payment} Template Tag output
  • Field: Flexible Content – Grid – Added translatable strings
  • Global: Country/Currency/Language – Added PHP filters to allow customization

ACF Extended Basic

  • Module: Form – Enhanced load/validate/submit/render hooks strategy
  • Module: Form – Fixed instruction placement undefined key warning
  • Module: Form – "Current Post" Target/Source now correctly use the WP Query loop post_id
  • Module: Form – Enhanced multiple forms on single page support
  • Module: Form – Added missing wpautop() on email content when using "Content Editor"
  • Module: Form – Fixed Taxonomy "Load Terms" & Image "Featured Thumbnail" compatibility
  • Fields Condition – Enhanced acf.newCondition closer to native ACF logic
  • Global: Updated French translation

  • Module: Forms – Fixed upgrade issues when using distant Auto Update
  • Module: Forms – Added safeguard logic when third party plugin enqueue selectWoo
  • Field: Flexible Content – Added Navigator Clipboard API to allow copy very large layout data


ACF Extended Pro 0.9:

  • Module: Forms – Added Json & PHP Sync feature
  • Module: Forms – PHP sync files are saved/loaded from /my-theme/acfe-php/forms
  • Module: Forms – Json sync files are saved/loaded from /my-theme/acf-json/forms
  • Modules: "View" link in posts list view is now removed when the item disabled
  • Field: Block Editor – Fixed Woocommerce get_current_screen() usage on front-end
  • Field: Block Editor – Fixed crash when used within a Flexible Content with Woocommerce
  • Field: Block Editor – Enhanced Woocommerce compatibility
  • Field: Block Editor – Fixed blocks arguments being stripped when submitted on front-end
  • Field: Block Editor – Added WP 6.5 compatibility
  • Field: Flexible Content – Grid – Fixed "No Wrap" setting not using "Default size: 12″ when adding a layout
  • Field: Image Sizes – Fixed field not using the correct "Display Format" setting

ACF Extended Basic 0.9:

  • Module: Forms – Updated module to v3
  • Module: Forms – Ability to register/render forms using PHP code only
  • Module: Forms – Updated Template Tags logic with a new API, allowing developers to create their own tag
  • Module: Forms – New Template Tags: {render}, {get_post}, {get_term}, {get_user} & {date}
  • Module: Forms – Ability to use Tags in Tags. Ie: {get_field:my_field:{action:post:ID}:false}
  • Module: Forms – Ability to render submit button with {render:submit} anywhere in the form
  • Module: Forms – ACF Group subfields can now be saved/loaded individually in Forms Actions UI
  • Module: Forms – New Email Action settings: "Content Editor/Raw HTML Editor" switch
  • Module: Forms – New Post Action settings: "Post Date/Schedule", "Post Thumbnail" & "Append Post terms"
  • Module: Forms – New User Action settings: "Built-in Validation" & "Log user once created"
  • Module: Forms – Reworked form arguments for better readability and usability
  • Module: Forms – All hooks have been deprecated and renamed. New hooks are simplified and provide more context
  • Module: Forms – Added acfe/modules/forms/top_level setting to set the "Forms" admin menu as top level
  • Module: Performance Mode – Deprecated acfe_is_single_meta_enabled() now allow generic call (without id)
  • Module: Added safeguard logic to double-check WP_Post object in add_meta_boxes
  • Field: Advanced Link – Fixed URL value in Flexible Content Preview Mode
  • Field: Flexible Content – Toggle Layout – Enhanced CSS effect to allow fields edit
  • Field: Forms – Field now store forms names as value instead of IDs, for portability
  • Field: WYSIWYG – Fixed editor being delayed inside a Flexible Content > Sub Repeater
  • Field Settings: Enhanced escaping logic in the "Data" modal
  • Field Settings: Enhanced "Permissions" setting to allow new lines
  • Field Groups: Local – "Sync Back to DB" feature now correctly ignore Inline Hooks
  • Settings UI: Enhanced array settings values render
  • General: Fixed ACF postboxes setting icon alignment in WP 6.5
  • General: Bump WP version up to 6.5

ACF Extended Pro

  • Field: Block Editor – Added WP 6.4 compatibility
  • Field: Block Editor – Enhanced compatibility with custom blocks
  • Field: Block Editor – Fixed Media Upload not working in front-end form
  • Field: Block Editor – Fixed shortcodes not applied with get_field()
  • Field: Block Editor – Fixed Embed Block preview height
  • Field: Block Editor – Fixed "Allowed Block Types" setting not working in WP 6.3
  • Field: Block Editor – Fixed Inserter Block Preview popup position
  • Field: Payment – Enhanced Conditional logic & Tab logic compatibility
  • Field: Payment – Fixed PayPal Checkout button being disabled when form has no submit button
  • Field: Payment – Added "Paypal Checkout" button text setting
  • Field: Payment Cart – Added quotes compatibility in Items name
  • Field: Phone Number – Updated Intl Tel Input library and Utilities with latest area codes

ACF Extended Basic

  • Field: Google reCaptcha v3 – Added token refresh logic
  • Module: Developer Mode – Enhanced handle of incomplete class in meta values
  • Module: Options UI – Enhanced handle of incomplete class in options values
  • Module: Performance Ultra – Fixed slash values in WP Preview & WP Revisions
  • General: Bump WP version up to 6.4
  • General: Updated french translation
  • General: Enhanced internal tools

ACF Extended Pro

  • Field: Block Editor – Fixed WP 6.3 compatibility
  • Field: Block Editor – Enhanced WP 6.0 / 6.1 / 6.2 compatibility
  • Field: Block Editor – Fixed duplicated field when using "Duplicate" action with a Flexible Content/Repeater
  • Field: Color Picker – Fixed Theme Json Resolver deprecated notice since WP 6.2
  • Field: Payment – Fixed PayPal credentials field settings width for better usability
  • Field: Phone Number – Updated Libphonenumber PHP Addon to latest 8.13.21 version
  • Field: Phone Number – Fixed Libphonenumber PHP Addon deprecated notice
  • Module: Performance – Added auto upgrade for single_meta into performance ultra when using Settings UI
  • Core: Fixed PHP 8 deprecated notice on ACF/ACFE Updates admin page

ACF Extended Basic

  • Module: Form – Fixed PHP 8 deprecated notice when creating a new form
  • Module: Form – Fixed escaping in [acfe_form] attributes shortcode
  • Module: Performance – Removed unnecessary "Save as individual meta" field setting when module is disabled
  • Compatibility: ACF 6.2 – Added sidebar column in the new ACF Options Pages UI
  • Compatibility: Profile Builder – Fixed PHP notice in settings page
  • Compatibility: Query Monitor – Updated internal trigger notice function to correctly register as "Doing it wrong"
  • Core: Updated Readme

ACF Extended Pro

  • Module: Performance – Added "Hybrid" Engine
  • Module: Performance – Hybrid Engine divides post meta per 2 while being compatible with search plugins & WP_Query
  • Module: Scripts – Fixed submit button not being disabled on start
  • Module: Template – Template Location can now be used in middle of other locations
  • Field: Block Editor – Force array when empty "allow blocks"
  • Field: Color Picker – Fixed default black & white color picker on "Palette Display"
  • Field: Flexible Content – Grid – Fixed resizable area when column has only "auto" size
  • Field: Google Map – Fixed PHP warning when importing field with a "default value"
  • Field: Phone Number – Fixed JS initialization in repeater/flexible content on Gutenberg screen
  • Field: Post Field – Fixed UI empty space when using Title + Permalink
  • Field: Post Field – Fixed "Add Title" placeholder CSS glitch on new post creation when using Title
  • Field: Post Field – Added compatibility with Bricks for the Content field
  • Global Condition: Removed acfe_field_group_condition from fields settings when not needed

ACF Extended Basic

  • Module: Performance Mode – Added module
  • Module: Performance Mode – Renamed "Single Meta" to "Ultra" Engine
  • Module: Performance Mode – Added Modes: "Test Drive", "Production" & "Rollback"
  • Module: Performance Mode – Added metabox allowing to switch Mode on-demand. Displayed when Developer Mode is enabled
  • Module: Performance Mode – Deprecated acfe/modules/single_meta setting in favor of acfe/modules/performance
  • Module: Performance Mode – Deprecated acfe/modules/single_meta/post_types hook in favor of acfe/modules/performance/config
  • Module: Performance Mode – Deprecated acfe/modules/single_meta/taxonomies hook in favor of acfe/modules/performance/config
  • Module: Performance Mode – Deprecated acfe/modules/single_meta/users hook in favor of acfe/modules/performance/config
  • Module: Performance Mode – Deprecated acfe/modules/single_meta/options hook in favor of acfe/modules/performance/config
  • Module: Dev Mode – Fixed Dev Metabox disappearing on Page Template change
  • Module: Form – Fixed PHP 8 deprecated notice
  • Module: Post Type – Fixed forced 2 minimum supports setting
  • Field: Advanced Link – Forced empty value when saved as empty
  • Field: Flexible Content – Fixed Layouts Categories order to ASC
  • Field: Taxonomy Terms – Added REST API return schema array|false|null
  • Compatibility: Fixed tooltip instruction placement being wrongly translated
  • Compatibility: Added ACFML 2.0.2 compatibility fix with PHP AutoSync and l10n_textdomain
  • Compatibility: Added ACF 6.1 compatibility fixes

ACF Extended Pro

  • Module: Dev Mode – Added "Edit" action to edit raw metadata on the fly
  • Field: Color Picker – Custom colors are now normalized to enhance compatibility with Iris
  • Field: Color Picker – Color gradient is now displayed by default instead of the black & white gradient
  • Field: Image – Added "Upload Folder" setting to customize upload path

ACF Extended Basic

  • Field: Code Editor – Fixed return_format throwing an error on newly created/modified Code Editor
  • Field: Flexible Content – Dynamic Render – Removed unnecessary HTML comment with layout name
  • Field: Flexible Content – Copy/Paste – Enhanced prompt instructions
  • General: Updated Translations

ACF Extended Pro

  • Field: Date Range Picker – Added string value fallback in format_value()
  • Field: Menu Locations – Added "Name", "Label" & "Both (Array)" Return Format
  • Field: Options Pages – Fixed potential warning when "Allowed Options Pages" setting was empty
  • Field Group: Global Conditional Logic – Added <, <=, >, >= Field Group Locations Operators
  • Module: Rewrite Rules – Enhanced invalid regex rule fallback
  • Module: Scripts – Script Launcher – Added capability parameter
  • Module: Scripts – Script Launcher – Enhanced executions argument to allow false/true/[number]
  • Module: Scripts – Script Launcher – Removed unnecessary $index from hooks arguments
  • Module: Template – Fixed potential warning when adding a Local Field Group without location
  • Module: Template – Fixed "After Title" Field Group position which could break saving
  • Module: Template – Fixed "Required" setting when using DB Field Groups
  • Module: Template – Fixed Clone "Seamless" values prefix
  • General: Fixed Currencies returned in Languages queries

ACF Extended Basic

  • Field: Advanced Link – Formatted value now correctly return an empty value when needed
  • Field: Advanced Link – Fixed an issue with custom sub fields when key argument was missing
  • Field: Code Editor – Added nl2br() "Return Format" setting
  • Field Groups: Added acfe/default_field_group filter to define default Field Group configuration
  • Field Groups: ACF 6.0 – Fixed Field Groups tabs CSS when there are many categories
  • Field Settings: Bidirectional – Added control to avoid updating values when prevewing changes
  • Module: Block Types – Fixed an edge case where an error could be thrown when editing a post
  • Module: Post Types – Admin Archive – Added acfe/validate_post_type_archive hook
  • Module: Post Types – Admin Archive – Deprecated acfe/post_type_archive_capability hook
  • Module: Post Types – Admin Archive – Added show_in_menu custom page compatibility
  • Module: Post Types – Admin Archive – Added Post Type post "Edit Archive" adminbar compatibility
  • Module: Settings – Fixed warning when using an old ACF version which doesn’t handle newer ACF settings
  • Modules: Fixed "Enter" keypress breaking the creating of new item
  • Modules: Enhanced 0.8.9 module upgrade to use init action
  • General: Replaced acf_esc_attrs() (ACF 5.8.1) usage with acf_esc_atts() (ACF 5.8) to meet requirements
  • General: Updated Readme


ACF Extended Pro 0.8.9:

  • Field: Block Editor – Added field
  • Field: Payment – Fixed ACF 6.0.x settings instructions
  • Modules: Added PHP/Json AutoSync feature
  • Modules: Added "Local" & "Sync Available" views
  • Modules: Added DB <> PHP <> Json triangular difference comparison
  • Module: Block Types – PHP sync files are saved/loaded from /my-theme/acfe-php/block-types
  • Module: Block Types – Json sync files are saved/loaded from /my-theme/acf-json/block-types
  • Module: Options Pages – PHP sync files are saved/loaded from /my-theme/acfe-php/options-pages
  • Module: Options Pages – Json sync files are saved/loaded from /my-theme/acf-json/options-pages
  • Module: Post Types – PHP sync files are saved/loaded from /my-theme/acfe-php/post-types
  • Module: Post Types – Json sync files are saved/loaded from /my-theme/acf-json/post-types
  • Module: Taxonomies – PHP sync files are saved/loaded from /my-theme/acfe-php/taxonomies
  • Module: Taxonomies – Json sync files are saved/loaded from /my-theme/acf-json/taxonomies
  • Module: Templates – PHP sync files are saved/loaded from /my-theme/acfe-php/templates
  • Module: Templates – Json sync files are saved/loaded from /my-theme/acf-json/templates
  • Module: Templates – Deprecated acfe_add_local_template() in favor of acfe_register_template()
  • Module: Settings – Fixed l10n_textdomain setting as text input

ACF Extended Basic 0.8.9:

  • Field: Advanced Link – Added value type control during update_value to enhance compatibility
  • Module: Block Types – Added "Align Text", "Align Content", "Full Height", "Align Matrix" settings
  • Module: Enhanced UI – Fixed WP 6.1 Attachment "Alt" field missing
  • Module: Post Types – Added "Meta Key" and "Meta Type" orderby settings in Archive and Admin query
  • Module: Post Types – Added "Enter Title" setting in Labels
  • Module: Post Types – WP Updated Messages now use Labels with Classic Editor
  • Module: Taxonomies – Added "Meta Key" and "Meta Type" orderby settings in Single and Admin query
  • General: Fixed potential Block Type JS error on layout change
  • General: Added ACF 6.0.x Select2 single select CSS fix
  • General: Introduced Module v3
  • General: Reworked Upgrades logic

ACF Extended Pro

  • Field: Date/Time Picker – Fixed instructions placement in ACF 6.0.x
  • Field: Google Map – Added is_array() control in format_value()
  • Field: Payment – Added initialization on ready to avoid too early JS init
  • Module: Scripts – Bumped "Clean Orphan Meta" script version to 1.1
  • Module: Scripts – Added "Script Launcher" to easily launch scripts using hooks
  • Module: Settings – Added modules/scripts/demo setting
  • General: ACF Updates screen has been uniformized accross 5.10.x to ACF 6.0.x versions

ACF Extended Basic

  • Field: Advanced Link – Reworked code & unified unformatted value
  • Field: Clone – Fixed Seamless Style CSS in acf-table
  • Field: Columns – Fixed Columns render in Repeater when user sort rows
  • Field: Flexible Content – Added check in acfe/load_fields to avoid potential PHP warning with third party plugins
  • Field: Flexible Content – Fixed "Added Layout" scroll animation
  • Field: Flexible Content – Fixed Dynamic Preview Ajax when inside ACF Ajax Screen Check
  • Field: Group – Fixed Seamless Style CSS in acf-table
  • Field: Post Object – Fixed older ACF version < 5.10 Select2 escape
  • Field: Tab – Fixed last opened tab preference on page refresh
  • Field: Taxonomy Terms – Fixed "Level" ajax setting not working correctly in ACF 6.0.x
  • Field: Taxonomy Terms – Enhanced Load Terms/Save Terms settings logic to avoid call on front-end
  • Field Group: Fixed Flexible Content "Duplicate Layout" sub fields moved to original layout
  • Field Settings: Bidirectional – Fixed potential php warning when deleting related field groups
  • Fields: Added acf_translate() in acf/translate_field/type=field_type for all field types
  • Module: Dev Mode – "Bulk actions" is correctly hidden when metabox are cleared
  • Module: Enhanced UI – Fixed Tabs "Align Left" placement on User Edit Screen
  • Module: Form – Fixed "User Action" uploaded files so it can be used in a later action
  • Module: Form – Added "User Action" Target control before processing builtin User Validation
  • Module: Form – Added acfe/form/submit/post_append_terms filter to change the wp_set_object_terms append
  • Module: Settings – Added rest_api_enabled rest_api_format rest_api_embed_links preload_blocks enable_shortcode settings
  • General: Fixed various ACF 6.0.x CSS
  • General: Added multiple plugin activation warning messages
  • General: Added select2 hooks controls to avoid initialize without field instance
  • General: Introduced acfe.FieldExtender and deprecated acfe.fieldExtend
  • General: Introduced acfe.Modal and deprecated acfe.Popup
  • General: Replaced _.escape() with acf.strEscape()

ACF Extended Pro

  • Field: File – Improved default values implementation
  • Field: File – Fixed Preview Style "Select2″ setting render styling
  • Field: WYSIWYG – Fixed "Custom Toolbar" setting not working correctly in ACF 6.0 UI
  • Field Settings: Min/Max – Added settings as default values in related fields
  • Module: Scripts – Improved validation process to only trigger inside page wrapper
  • General: Fixed ACF 6.0 CSS on ACF "Updates" page

ACF Extended Basic

  • Field: Image/File – Fixed undefined index notice when ACFE Form forced specific uploader type
  • Field: Flexible Content – Clear fields storage in Field Group UI to avoid third party plugins messing with it
  • Module: Forms – Reverted logic for the Image/File/Gallery media modal
  • Field Groups: Fixed Advanced Settings/Validation settings not working correctly in ACF 6.0 UI
  • General: Added several ACF 6.0 Field Groups CSS fixes
  • General: Hooks – Added acf_add_filter_variations() to general hooks
  • General: Enhanced acfe_is_admin_screen() helper
  • General: Enhanced ftype js logic to avoid overriding prototype
  • General: Enhanced acfe.fieldExtend js logic & added dependencies
  • General: Enhanced js helpers

ACF Extended Pro

  • Field: Code Editor – Fixed ACF 6.0 UI field setting width
  • Field: Google Map – Fixed potential undefined zoom key in some edge case
  • Field: Post Object – Fixed an issue with the Inline Post Edit modal which would not work correctly in some edge case
  • Field: Relationship – Reworked & Enhanced Post Creation/Edit code logic

ACF Extended Basic

  • Field: Dynamic Render – Fixed potential undefined render key when using the old acfe_dynamic_message field type
  • Field: Flexible Content – Fixed duplicated Modal Select Categories
  • Field: Flexible Content – Fixed Sortable ui helper css margin
  • Field: Post Object – Fixed ACF 6.0 UI wrong border color
  • Field: Post Object – Fixed sortable items when Inline Post Edit is enabled with "Allow Multiple values"
  • Field: Select – Fixed potential JS issue while searching a value when using "Allow custom value"
  • Field: Tab – Fixed ACF 6.0 UI missing colors
  • Field: Taxonomy – Fixed JS error on initialization
  • Module: Advanced Validation/Settings – Fixed ACF 6.0 UI settings css
  • Module: Forms – Bail early in the Block Editor in the [acfe_form] shortcode to avoid conflict with Media Modal (ACF core logic)
  • Module: Dev – Enhanced module logic
  • General: Added several ACF 6.0 & ACF 6.0.1 UI compatibility fixes
  • General: Added several JS helpers
  • General: Enhanced ACFE Modal logic
  • General: Enhanced Readme
  • General: Enhanced Build Tools
  • General: Introduced acfe.fieldExtend

ACF Extended Pro

  • Module: Dev Mode – post_content is unserialized in Post Object view when possible
  • Module: Dev Mode – Added data overview & clean orphan meta on Attachment
  • Module: Global Conditional Logic – Fixed postbox being hidden when user interacted with Screen Options
  • Module: Scripts – Fixed Attachments post type in Orphan Meta Cleaner
  • Module: Rewrite Rules – Fixed non-registered rewrite tag php notice
  • Field: Color Picker – Added theme.json compatibility for color palette
  • Field: Color Picker – Added Return Format "Label" and "Color + Label Array"
  • Field: Countries / Languages / Currencies – Removed potential notice in some edge cases
  • Field: Date Range Picker – The end_date sub field is now correctly cleared upon save
  • Field: Date Range Picker – Displaying only one date when the user select the same start/end date
  • Field: File – Added field key to attributes for nonce generation
  • Field: Payment – Added "Hide Postal Code" setting
  • Field: Payment – Added acfe/fields/payment/stripe_args JS hook to change Stripe elements args
  • Field: Payment – Fixed Payment Summary Render rounding the total amount
  • Field: Payment – Fixed PayPal popup blocked by Safari
  • Field: Payment – Fixed PayPal validation when "Display Button" is disabled
  • Field: Payment Cart – "## Title" markup is now allowed
  • Field: Payment Cart – Field is now compatible with Repeater/Flexible Content
  • Field: Payment Cart – Cart items are now automatically passed to js in
  • Field: Phone Number – Added National & International return format when libphonenumber is installed
  • Field: Phone Number – Added Geolocation API Token setting for
  • Field: Phone Number – Field value now only save the phone number instead of an array for data accessibility
  • Field: Phone Number – Server Validation now also take care of Allowed Countries setting
  • Field: Post Field – Fixed Content reinit JS undefined variable
  • Field: Post Object – Inline Post Creation/Edit – Added data in iframe URL for customization
  • Field: Relationship – Inline Post Creation/Edit – Added data in iframe URL for customization
  • Field: Relationship – Added edit button RTL CSS support
  • Field: True False – Added "Default Rounded", "Small", "Small Rounded", "Alt" & "Alt Rounded" styles
  • Field: WYSIWYG – Removed jQuery dependency on Source Code modal
  • Field Group: Added Alternative Add Field Mode with Shift+Click (add by field type)

ACF Extended Basic

  • Module: Dev Mode – Fixed "Bulk Delete Meta" not working correctly on Post Type List screen
  • Module: Dev Mode – Added meta overview on Attachment screen
  • Module: Enhanced UI – Added Attachment Enhanced UI
  • Module: Enhanced UI – Fixed WordPress 6.0 User Profile PHP notice
  • Module: Form – Fixed "Library: Attached to this post" front-end Media Modal
  • Module: Form – Enhanced acfe/form/load to allow hidding field
  • Module: Form – User – Added builtin Insert/Update User Email validation
  • Module: Form – Post Action – Fixed post parent setting which could break in some edge cases
  • Module: Form – PHP Success hook
  • Module: Multilang – Fixed Post Types Archive Page detection when using get_field() very early
  • Module: Options Pages – Admin List – Added "Position" column
  • Module: Options UI – Enhanced search escape
  • Module: Options UI – Enhanced specialchars entities & added raw serialized output
  • Module: Settings UI – Enhanced registered values column to correctly use acf/settings filter
  • Field: Advanced Link – Display preview when URL or Title is entered
  • Field: Code Editor – Fixed value update when used inside an ACF Block Type
  • Field: Code Editor – Fixed missing Field Object Settings in the Field Group UI on duplicate
  • Field: Columns – Fixed CSS when inside a collapsed Repeater
  • Field: Columns – Added field to GraphQL
  • Field: Clone – Fixed Modal Edit title when in repeater table
  • Field: Flexible Content – Select Modal – Fixed Layout Category showing in all categories when there is no category set
  • Field: Flexible Content – Edit Modal – Fixed usage with acf/fields/flexible_content/layout_title
  • Field: Group – Fixed Modal Edit title when in repeater table
  • Field: Post Statuses – slugs are only shown when duplicated labels
  • Field: Select – Enhanced Select2 "on clear" logic by closing selection
  • Field: Taxonomy Terms – Enhanced Radio Field Type when using Load Terms with specific …